7 Powerful Ways to Fight Chemotherapy-Induced Fatigue

7 Powerful Ways to Fight Chemotherapy-Induced Fatigue | Dr. Sumit Shah

Fatigue(tiredness) is the most common side effect experienced by patients during and after cancer chemotherapy. If you’re always feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted, you’re not alone. But, you do not have to give in to this fatigue; you can try the seven powerful ways that we have listed below to overcome it.

1. Control your Nausea:-Best Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment in Pune

The most important step to control nausea and vomiting is to avoid it in the first instance. Ask your oncologist about stronger anti-emetic drugs. Nowadays with better premedication, we can completely avoid the development of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. This will prevent dehydration.

2. Drink Liquids (hydration):-Best Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment in Pune

Dehydration can give you a feeling of confusion and tiredness. You can keep bottled water near to you and sip it. In case you do not like plain water, consider adding lime, orange, and lemon. In general, a healthy adult should drink 3 liters of water, when on chemotherapy always make sure that you are drinking at least 3-4 liters of liquids including water. You should add an electrolyte sachet to one liter of water. It helps to maintain an adequate balance of hydration and electrolyte in your body.

3. Exercise:-Best Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment in Pune

Even though you have fatigue you should not skip exercise. You should walk at least 30 minutes daily preferably in the morning hours. Exercise will keep your body and mind active. It is the best way to beat fatigue. Avoid exercise in the evening.

4. Manage Stress:-

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Stress can amplify due to anxiety.  Stress and anxiety exacerbate fatigue. Practice mindful meditation. Develop an interest in any of your hobbies and practice it regularly. It will improve your psychological and physical well-being.

5. Improve Sleep:-

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Chemotherapy can make you lose your sleep. You can ask your doctor for medications that will enable you to sleep better. This can help you to get rid of fatigue from chemotherapy. Avoid afternoon naps, if it is must limit them to less than 30 minutes.

6. Take Some Rest:-

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Taking rest is essential for allowing your body to recover. Make sure to avoid any strenuous activity during this time.

7. Have Supplements:-

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When you have poor nutrition, it can intensify your fatigue. You need to take in all the essential nutrients during your chemotherapy, such as supplements and other multivitamins. Both Vitamin D and calcium increase the muscle mass that gives you strength.


Proper hydration, nutrition, and stress management are key steps to avoid chemotherapy-induced fatigue.

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