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स्तनाच्या कर्करोगाची (Breast Cancer) शक्यता कुणास अधिक असते? जाणून घ्या 

कर्करोगाचे निदान आपल्याला झाले की आपण सर्वजण घाबरुन जातो. आपल्या सर्वांच्या डोक्यात व मनात कर्करोग म्हणजे मृत्यु अटळ असतो. हे पक्के बसलेले आहे. अर्थात कर्करोगाची भीषणता आपण सगळेच जाणतो. जगभरात कर्करोगाने हजारो माणसं रोज मृत्यूमुखी पडतात. कर्करोगाचे अनेक प्रकार आहेत त्यात स्तनाच्या कर्करोगाचे प्रमाण खुप जास्त आहे. आणि कदाचित तुम्हाला माहिती नसेल पण स्तनाचा कर्करोग(Breast […]

Unveiling the Silent Threat: Lung Cancer Symptoms, Causes, and Insights

Introduction Lung cancer, one of the most prevalent and deadly cancers worldwide, is a critical health concern that demands attention and understanding. Often referred to as the “silent threat,” lung cancer can develop silently within the body, only revealing its presence when it has progressed to more advanced stages. In this blog, we will delve […]

Unveiling Tongue Cancer: Symptoms, Causes, and Awareness

Introduction Cancer, a term that strikes fear in the hearts of many, can affect various parts of the body, including the tongue. Tongue cancer is a type of oral cancer that can significantly impact a person’s quality of life if not detected and treated early. In this blog, we will delve into the symptoms and […]

युवाओं में तेजी से बढ़ रहा कोलन कैंसर( Colon Cancer )

ऐसे माना जाता है की कोलन कैंसर( Colon Cancer )  आमतौर पर बुजुर्गों में होता है लेकिन आजकाल  यह युवाओं में तेजी से बढ़ रहा  है l कोलोन याने  बृहतआंत यानी बड़ी आंत . यह मलाशय में खुलता है l अधिकांश कोलोन कैंसर छोटे छोटी सूजन से शुरू होते हैं l  इसे  पॉलिप्स (polyps) कहते […]

The Benefits of Yoga During Cancer and How to Get Started

Yoga is a holistic practice that has gained recognition for its numerous physical and mental health benefits. At ProLife Cancer Centre in Pune, we understand the importance of holistic approaches in cancer treatment. Yoga, with its numerous physical and mental health benefits, has proven to be a valuable complement to conventional cancer therapies. In this […]

Early symptoms of colon cancer in young adults

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is a type of cancer that affects the colon or rectum. While it is more commonly associated with older adults, it can also occur in young adults. It is important to be aware of the early symptoms of colon cancer in young adults and seek medical attention for […]

Symptoms and Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer refers to a group of cancers that occur in the tissues and organs located in the head and neck region, including the mouth, throat, voice box, nasal cavity, and salivary glands. In this article, we will explore the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options, with a focus on the expertise of Dr. […]

Types of Bladder Cancer: Understanding the Differences

Bladder cancer is a common type of cancer that affects the lining of the bladder. It can develop in different parts of the bladder and can be classified into different types based on the location and characteristics of the cancer cells. Understanding the different types of bladder cancer can help patients make informed decisions about […]

क्या Biopsy से Breast Cancer फ़ैल सकता है?

भारतीय महिलाओं में ब्रेस्ट कैंसर के मामले तेजी से बढ़ रहे हैं। ब्रेस्ट कैंसर महिलाओं में होने वाले सभी कैंसर का 33 प्रतिशत है, और हर 32 महिलाओं में से एक को स्तन कैंसर होने की संभावना होती है। हालांकि यह रोग गंभीर है, लेकिन यदि समय रहते इसका पता चल जाए और उचित उपचार […]

Targeted Therapy in Cancer Treatment: Benefits and Risks

Cancer treatment has come a long way in recent years, and one of the most promising developments in the field has been targeted therapy. Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses drugs to attack cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. It works by targeting specific molecules or pathways that are essential […]

“What is a Biopsy and Why is it Important for Diagnosis?”

A biopsy is a medical procedure that involves the removal of a small piece of tissue or cells from a part of the body for laboratory analysis. It is an important diagnostic tool used to determine the presence of cancer cells or other abnormal cells in the body. Biopsies can be performed on various parts […]

“Painless Chemotherapy: How Does the Treatment Work?”

Chemotherapy is a common cancer treatment that involves the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. However, chemotherapy can cause a range of side effects, including pain, nausea, and hair loss. To help alleviate these side effects, many cancer centers are now offering painless chemotherapy. But how does painless chemotherapy work? And is it right […]

“पेनलेस कीमोथेरेपी: उपचार कसे कार्य करते?”

कीमोथेरेपी हा कर्करोगाचा सामान्य उपचार आहे. यामध्ये कर्करोगाच्या पेशी वाढण्यापासून आणि पसरण्यापासून रोखण्यासाठी शक्तिशाली औषधांचा वापर केला जातो. कीमोथेरेपीमध्ये कर्करोगावर उपचार करण्यासाठी औषधांचा वापर केला जातो. ही औषधे वेगाने वाढणाऱ्या कर्करोगाच्या पेशींना त्यांची वाढ कमी करण्यासाठी किंवा कर्करोग पूर्णपणे नष्ट करण्यासाठी लक्ष्य करतात. सामन्यतः कीमोथेरेपीच्या ६,८ सायकल असतात. त्यानंतर अनेक सेशन्स पण असतात. पेनलेस कीमोथेरेपी […]

Types of Head and Neck Cancers

Head and neck cancers are a group of cancers that develop in the tissues of the head and neck, including the mouth, throat, nose, sinuses, salivary glands, and lymph nodes in the neck. These cancers can be categorized based on the type of cell that is affected and the location where cancer originates. The following […]

Colon Cancer How soon you can get this?

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is a type of cancer that affects the colon or rectum. It is the third most common cancer in the world, with over 1.8 million new cases diagnosed in 2018. Colon cancer often develops slowly over many years, and in its early stages, it may not cause any […]

Can You Get Stomach Cancer At Any Age?

Stomach Cancer, also known as gastric cancer, is a type of cancer that affects the lining of the stomach. This cancer can occur in people of all ages, but it is most commonly diagnosed in people over the age of 50. In this article, we will explore the risk factors for stomach cancer, the symptoms, […]

Innovative Way of Celebrating World Cancer Day 2023

4th Feb is world cancer day celebrated all over the world to create awareness about cancer. This year Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute of Pune celebrated it in an innovative way. this day is celebrated with more than 100  cancer survivors and the chief guest for the event was also a  breast cancer survivor, […]

पुरुषों में स्तन कैंसर कितना खतरनाक (How Dangerous is Breast Cancer in Men)

  ब्रेस्ट कैंसर (Breast Cancer ) आमतौर पर महिलाओं में पाया जाता है। हालाँकि, पुरुषों को भी यह बीमारी बहुत कम होती है। क्‍योंकि पुरुषों के स्‍तन महिलाओं के स्‍तनों की तरह पूरी तरह से विकसित नहीं होते हैं। लेकिन इसमें ब्रेस्ट टिश्यू होते हैं। इसलिए पुरुषों को भी ब्रेस्ट कैंसर होने का खतरा रहता […]

Effect of Colonoscopy Screening on Risks of Colorectal Cancer

Recent research found that colon cancer incidence might be cut in half just by screening for the disease using a colonoscopy. The drop is less than most predicted. Unfortunately, colorectal cancer may still be fatal even after a successful colonoscopy. Michael Bretthauer, a professor at the University of Oslo and a senior physician at Oslo […]

प्रक्रिया केलेल्या आणि गोठवलेल्या मांसामुळे कॅन्सरचा धोका! (Cancer risk from processed & frozen meat)

  गोठवलेल्या मांसामुळे (frozen meat), रेड मीट किंवा प्रक्रिया केलेले मांस नियमित खाल्ल्याने कॅन्सरचा धोका (Risk of cancer) वाढू शकतो. एका संशोधनानुसार, रेड मीट किंवा प्रोसेस्ड मीट हे कार्सिनोजेनिक असतात, ज्यामुळे ब्रेस्ट कॅन्सर(Breast Cancer) तसेच प्रोस्टेट कॅन्सर(Prostate Cancer) आणि कोलन कॅन्सरचा(Colon Cancer) धोका वाढतो. 42,000 पेक्षा जास्त महिलांना 7 वर्षे सतत फॉलो केले गेले आणि […]

The Benefits and Harms of Breast Cancer Screening

At present huge numbers of women are suffering from breast cancer worldwide. The statistics are getting raised every year. Keeping in the augmentation in the number of breast cancer, doctors suggest breast cancer screening to check the existence of cancer in women.  Breast cancer screening is the process of checking the existence of cancer cells in the […]

पुरुषांनाही स्तनाचा कर्करोग होऊ शकतो का? (Does Men also can get the Breast Cancer?

पुरुषांमध्ये स्तनाचा कर्करोग (Breast Cancer) दुर्मिळ आहे.सर्व स्तनाच्या कर्करोगांपैकी 1 टक्क्यांपेक्षा कमी पुरुषांमध्ये होतो. पुरुषांचा स्तनाचा कर्करोग हा दुर्मिळ आजार आहे. युनायटेड स्टेट्समध्ये, सर्व स्तनांच्या कर्करोगांपैकी 1% पेक्षा कमी पुरुषांमध्ये आढळतात. 2022 मध्ये, सुमारे 2,710 अमेरिकन पुरुषांना स्तनाच्या कर्करोगाचे निदान झाले. दुर्दैवाने, पुरुषांना शेवटच्या टप्प्यावर स्तनाच्या कर्करोगाचे (Breast Cancer) निदान केले जाते. याचे मुख्य कारण […]

Best Way to Prevent colon Cancer

At present, men and women huge numbers of men and women are suffering from colon cancer. As per research, almost 4.4% of men and 4.1% of women suffer from this disease. This cancer develops in the large intestine. Here polyps grow inside the inner lying of the colon. While colon cancer develops, the inner lining of […]

क्या पिज्जा-बर्गर खाने से पेट का कैंसर होता है? (Does Eating Burgers & Pizza Causes Stomach Cancer in hindi)

क्या पिज्जा-बर्गर खाने से पेट का कैंसर (Stomach Cancer) होता है.जैसे-जैसे समय बदला है, लोगों की जीवनशैली बदली है, खान-पान में बदलाव आया हैl इस बदली हुई जीवनशैली के कारण लोग कई गंभीर बीमारियों के शिकार हो रहे हैंl फ़ास्ट फ़ूड खाना आजकल एक फैशन बन गया है फ़ास्ट फ़ूड को लोग पसंद नहीं करते और […]

What Is Testicular Cancer and Types

Like other cancers, Testicular Cancer is also a much-talked topic in recent times. This cancer develops in the testicles of men and it is not a common cancer type. Men can have this cancer at any age between 15-45. Types of cancers in the testicles Two types of cancers develop in the Testicles- Seminoma and Nonseminoma. Seminoma […]

Chemotherapy side effects

Chemotherapy is the primary treatment for cancer patients. This therapy uses highly active chemicals to destroy cancer cells that grow rapidly in the human body. Cancer cells grow faster than normal cells in the human body, and Chemotherapy is the best process to kill those cells. It is the most effective way to treat cancer. […]

What causes liver cancer?

At present, suffering from liver cancer is a much-talked topic. As per the research 2022 American Cancer Society, 41260 new patients are suffering from this cancer. Like other cancer, cancer cells develop in the liver and cause cancer. Types of liver cancer Varied cells in the liver can develop different types of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. While […]

जिभेचा कर्करोग कशामुळे होतो? लक्षणे, कारणे, व उपचार (Tongue cancer Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment in Marathi)

  जिभेचा कर्करोग (Tongue cancer) हा तोंडाचा कर्करोग किंवा तोंडाचा कर्करोगाचा एक प्रकार आहे, जो सामान्यतः जिभेच्या पृष्ठभागावरील स्क्वॅमस (squamous) पेशींमध्ये विकसित होतो. यामुळे ट्यूमर किंवा जखम होऊ शकतात. जीभ कर्करोगाचे सर्वात लक्षणीय लक्षण म्हणजे जीभ दुखणे जी बरी होत नाही. कर्करोग जिभेच्या दोन वेगवेगळ्या भागात विकसित होऊ शकतो. जिभेचा कर्करोग (Tongue cancer) जीभेच्या पुढच्या […]

क्या मुंह का कैंसर को ठीक किया जा सकता है? (Can oral cancer be cured in Hindi)

  राजीव गांधी कैंसर संस्थान का कहना है कि मुंह का कैंसर (Oral Cancer) पर इलाज हो सकता है। अगर हम सावधानी बरतें तो इसे रोका जा सकता है। डॉक्टरों का कहना है कि भारत में 70 फीसदी लोग लास्ट स्टेज पर डॉक्टर के पास जाते हैं , फिर इलाज करने मे कठीनाई हो सकती […]

Salivary gland tumors – Diagnosis and treatment

Salivary gland tumors are malignant growths of aberrant cells. Cancer of the salivary glands is very uncommon. The saliva produced by the salivary glands helps break down food, maintains a moist mouth, and helps keep your teeth in good condition. The parotid, sublingual, and submandibular salivary glands are the three pairs of main salivary glands […]

 कीमोथेरपी ट्रीटमेंट क्या है? फायदे और नुकसान ( What is chemotherapy treatment? advantages and disadvantages in Hindi)

“कीमोथेरेपी” (Chemotherapy) शब्द का प्रयोग अक्सर कैंसर का इलाज करने वाली दवाओं या दवाओं के संदर्भ में किया जाता है। लेकिन, कैंसर के इलाज के लिए इस्तेमाल की जाने वाली सभी दवाएं एक ही तरह से काम नहीं करती हैं। यदि आपकी कीमोथेरपी ट्रीटमेंट (Chemotherapy treatment) करना चाहते है, तो यह जानना कि यह कैसे […]

Colon Cancer Rates In Younger Adults Are Rising

Colon Cancer incidence and death rates of colorectal cancer have been declining consistently over the last several decades. The availability of improved screening methods for detecting precancerous polyps and removing them before they may spread colon cancer risk is credited by experts as a contributing factor. Unfortunately, the rising incidence of colorectal cancer in those […]

केमोथेरपी म्हणजे काय? कॅन्सर रुग्णाला त्याचा किती फायदा होतो? (What is chemotherapy? How much does it benefit a cancer patient?)

कुठल्याही आजाराची माणसाला भीती वाटतेच. त्यात कॅन्सर हा अत्यंत जीवघेणा आजार आहे. या आजारात शरीराच्या कोणत्याही भागात पेशींचे अनियंत्रित विभाजन होते. हा आजार वाढत गेल्यास तो जीवघेणा ठरतो. कॅन्सरच्या उपचारात केमोथेरपी (chemotherapy) हा सर्वात लोकप्रिय उपचार आहे. केमोथेरपीचा वापर कर्करोगाच्या पेशी मारण्यासाठी केला जातो. केमोथेरपी (chemotherapy) कर्करोगाच्या पेशींचा प्रसार थांबवते. कर्करोगाच्या शेवटच्या टप्प्यात प्रतिबंध करण्यासाठी […]

Immunotherapy Treatment For Cancer

Immunotherapy refers to a kind of treatment that employs certain components of the immune system to combat malignancies like Cancer treatment, You may do this in a few ways: Modifying or enhancing your body’s natural defenses to make the immune system more effective in locating and killing cancer cells Synthesizing chemicals with similar properties to those […]

Understanding And Coping With Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemo, short for “chemotherapy,” is a drug-based method of treating cancer. Like malignant cells, it specifically goes for rapidly replicating cells in the body. Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells, but it also damages certain healthy organs and cells. This causes people to have unfavorable chemotherapy side effects. Several forms of adverse reactions have been linked to […]

प्रोस्टेट कर्करोग धोकादायक आहे का?( Is Prostate Cancer Dangerous in Marathi)

प्रोस्टेट ग्रंथीचा कर्करोग (Cancer of the Prostate Gland) हा पुरुषामध्ये होणारा कॅन्सर आहे. हा आजार वेळेत न ओळखल्यास धोकादायक होऊ शकतो. ज्यांच्या रक्ताच्या नातेवाइकांमध्ये म्हणजे वडील, काका, आजोबा, भाऊ अशा नातेवाइकांमध्ये प्रोस्टेटचा कर्करोग झाल्याची घटना असेल तर त्यांना हा आजार होण्याची दाट शक्‍यता असते. मधुमेही, स्थूल, धूम्रपान करणारे, नसबंदी झालेले पुरुष यांनाही प्रोस्टेटचा कर्करोग होऊ […]

Different Types Of Radiation Therapy Used In Cancer Treatment

Radiation therapy is often used to treat cancer. It targets cancer cells with high-powered X-rays and kills them with precise accuracy. Radiation causes DNA damage in cancer cells, which inhibits their ability to divide and spread. When a tumor is located near vital organs, four different types of Radiation therapy are often performed. Several kinds […]

Is Radiation Safe for Cancer?

Radiation treatment, surgery, and medicine including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation therapy, and/or biologic therapy are often used to treat cancer, either in conjunction with one another or separately. When radiation treatment is an option for treating a patient’s condition, they are sent to a radiation oncologist. Like Dr. Sumit Shah, one of the top radiologist […]

क्या सर्वाइकल कैंसर ठीक हो सकता है?(Can Cervical Cancer Be Cured in Hindi)

सर्वाइकल कैंसर(Cervical Cancer) महिलाओं में गर्भाशय सर्विक्स(Uterine Cervix) का कैंसर है। गर्भाशय सर्विक्स(Uterine Cervix) वह अंग है जो गर्भ को योनि से जोड़ता है। अन्य कैंसर की तरह इस कैंसर में भी शुरुआत में कोई लक्षण नहीं दिखता है। महिलाओं में सर्वाइकल कैंसर(Cervical Cancer) से होने वाली मौतों की संख्या किसी भी अन्य कैंसर से […]

What is Prostate Cancer – Symptoms, Treatment and Cure

Cancer has become one of the most common diseases that cause yearly deaths. That is why being careful and looking after your body is highly essential. Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the prostate of the human body. Some of them can cause very less harm, whereas some other types can […]

Esophageal Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Considering the increasing number of cancer patients yearly, anyone can get cancer. Therefore, it is always advisable to take preventive measures and look for symptoms. Esophageal cancer occurs in the Esophagus of the human body and comes across as the sixth cause of cancer deaths worldwide. It can be life-threatening if it is not detected […]

ब्रेस्ट कैंसर और उसके स्टेजेस कितने है?(What is Breast Cancer and it’s Stages in Hindi)

ब्रेस्ट कैंसर के प्रकार (Types of Breast Cancer) महिलाओं में ब्रेस्ट कैंसर(Breast Cancer) का खतरा सबसे ज्यादा होता है l उस स्थिति में होता है जब जीनों में परिवर्तन की वजह से ब्रेस्ट सेल्स विभाजित होती हैं और बढ़ने लगती हैंl  इससे ब्रेस्ट में गांठ (knot) जैसी पैदा हो जाती हैl स्तन कैंसर(Breast Cancer) के […]

Best Cancer Hospital in Pune – Prolife Cancer Centre in Pune

Cancer is a fatal disease that can take away a person’s life. It can be cured completely (if detected in the earlier stages), but it is important to seek treatment from a good doctor and hospital. One such hospital is Prolife Cancer Centre which is the Best Cancer Hospital in Pune and offers completely personalized […]

तोंडातील ‘ही’ लक्षणे देतात मौखिक कर्करोगचा संकेत! (Symptoms in the Mouth That Indicate Oral Cancer in Marathi)

मौखिक कर्करोग (Oral Cancer) मौखिक कर्करोग (Oral Cancer) हा कार्सीनोमा(Carcinoma) प्रकारचा कर्करोग आहे. हा कर्करोग जीभ, ओठ, हिरड्या, टाळू, किंवा गालांच्या आतील बाजूस होतो. बऱ्याचदा तो गाल आणि हिरड्यांमध्ये(Gums) दिसून येतो. जेव्हा शरीरातील अनुवांशिक बदलामुळे पेशी नियंत्रणशिवाय जास्त वाढतात तेव्हा हा कर्करोग होतो. या पेशी जसजशा  वाढतात तसतसे  ते एक ट्यूमर तयार करतात. कालांतराने या […]

Foods To Eat During And Post Tongue Cancer Treatment

Healthy dietary habits and daily exercises are essential requisites for staying fit. To maintain the good health of tongue cancer patients, following the right diet is extremely important for Tongue Cancer Treatment. Different cancer patients have different diets. Some common diet food includes- fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, and milk. Patients suffering from tongue cancers should […]

सिर और गर्दन कैंसर का इलाज (Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in Hindi) – रेडियोथेरेपी और उसके लाभ

सिर और गर्दन का कैंसर के विभिन्न प्रकार हैl यह कई भागो मे हो सकता है, जैसे मुँह,गला , वॉइस बॉक्स, नाक गुहा और आसपास के परानासल साइनस, और लार ग्रंथियों के सारे हिस्से इसमे शामिल हैl ओरल कैविटी कैंसर, ओरोफेरीन्जियल कैंसर(oropharyngeal Cancer)– यह कैंसर मुंह या गले के पीछे से शुरू होता हैं।नेजल कैविटी […]

Stomach Cancer: 5 Things You Need To Know

Stomach cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths that occur worldwide. It starts when cancer cells are formed in the stomach’s inner layer. These cells take a long time to grow into a tumor and can also affect nearby organs. This cancer is difficult to be diagnosed. Hence, to make you more aware […]

तरुणांमध्ये कोलन कॅन्सर(Risk of Colon Cancer in Young People in Marathi) चा वाढता धोका

कोलन कॅन्सर(Colon Cancer): पोटाच्या समस्या मुख्यतः पचनसंस्थेमधे (Digestive System)बिघाड झाला की उद्भवतात. तरुणांमध्येही कोलन कॅन्सरचे प्रमाण आता दिवसेंदिवस वाढत आहे.आजकाल मुले नैसर्गिक पदार्थापेक्षा पॅकेटबंद वस्तू, प्रोसेस्ड फूड  जास्त प्रमाणात खातात.कोलन कॅन्सर साठी  बहुतेकदा बद्धकोष्ठता, अल्सरेटिव्ह कोलायटिस किंवा पोटदुखीच्या समस्याच कारणीभूत ठरतात. तेव्हा पोटदुखीकडे दुर्लक्ष न करता वेळीच डॉक्टरांचा सल्ला घ्यावा.  या आजाराची सुरुवात मोठे आतडे […]

Lifestyle Changes After Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

Life as a cancer patient involves surgery for removal of cancer, if possible, and chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. These treatment methods may kill cancerous cells but they also harm the normal cells of the body and thus have adverse effects. The following are Lifestyle Changes After Diagnosis of Lung Cancer. Lifestyle Changes After Diagnosis of […]

कॅन्सर आणि केमोथेरपी (Cancer and Chemotherapy)- समज व गैरसमज

कॅन्सर आणि केमोथेरपी समज व गैरसमज कॅन्सर,ज्याचं नाव ऐकलं की पायाखालची जमीन सरकते. पण कोणत्याही रोगावरती सकारात्मक दृष्टिकोन , सकारात्मक विचार ,डॉक्टरांचा योग्य सल्ला, योग्य उपचार ,यांनी मात करता येते.कॅन्सर जेवढ्या लवकर लक्षात येईल तेवढ्या लवकर बरा होतो. त्यांचे  निदान होते,  व‌ रुग्णावर उपचार सुरु होतात. कॅन्सरला प्रभावी उपचार म्हणून केमोथेरपी करायला सांगितले जाते. पण […]

Danger of Smoking: Lung Cancer

Smoking poisons almost every part of our body from our lungs to our heart though it doesn’t only affect a smoker. Passive or secondhand exposure to smoke can cause serious and chronic illnesses like asthma, stroke, cancer, coronary heart disease, and sudden infant death syndrome. The leading cause of lung cancer risk is cigarette smoking. […]

क्या सिर और गर्दन के कैंसर (Head and Neck Cancer Treatment in Hindi)का इलाज संभव है?

कैंसर के कई प्रकार होते  हैl  सिर और गर्दन के कैंसर के बारे में बहुत प्रश्न होते है l हमें इस बीमारी का इलाज कैसे किया जाता है इस बारे मे  जानकारी होना जरुरी हैl  क्या सिर और गर्दन के कैंसर (Head and Neck Cancer)का इलाज संभव है ? इसका उत्तर हम जान लेते है […]

HPV vaccine: How does it protect against cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is related to HPV or Human Papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted infection. HPV vaccination supports immunization, and it can reduce the impact. Brief on HPV vaccine for Cervical Cancer Infections caused due to sexual contact are often related to cervical cancer. One of the most effective HPV vaccines is Gardasil 9, and this vaccine […]

What are the types of urologic cancers?

Urologic cancers result from the growth of abnormal cells that later develop into cancerous tumours in the urinary tract. Urologic cancers are both gender-specific as well as neutral. Hence, different types exist. Some male-specific urologic cancers include: Prostate cancer most common in urologic cancers The semen-producing gland or the prostate gland is affected during the […]

How Do Doctors Analyse Mouth Ulcers In Patients Suspected Of Oral Cancer?

Also known as mouth cancer, oral cancer is constituted chiefly as a growth in a part of the mouth that does not go away after a due amount of time and causes limitations in carrying out everyday activities. It can affect any part of the mouth, including but not limited to the lips, floor of […]

Mouth(Oral) cancer: Symptoms and Prevention

The presence of sore or abnormal growth in the mouth or a part of it for a more extended than expected period can give rise to a predisposition to Mouth(Oral) cancer Some of the most common symptoms of Mouth(Oral) cancer include: Swellings, bumps, or crusts in the mouth or parts of it. Patches of red, […]

How To Reduce The Risk Of Developing Esophageal Cancer?

Cancer of the esophagus, commonly known as the food pipe that affects the tube that directly runs from our throat to the stomach, is known as Esophageal cancer. It is relatively difficult to diagnose and is rare in the oncology world. While the diagnosis can be difficult and the recovery rate is not too bright, […]

Endocrine cancer: a challenge in adults and children

Endocrine cancer develops in the tissues of the endocrine system. This system includes the areas like the thyroid, adrenal, pancreas, and pituitary gland. When people suffer from this cancer will notice the development of tumors that affect different body parts. Not only for adults, but it is also a serious disease for children. Types of […]

Do You Know Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding could be a Sign of Cancer?

Among various cancer, vaginal cancer seems to be one of the rarest cancer developing in the vagina. it mainly occurs on the surface of the vagina, also called the birth canal. As per experts, this develops in vaginal cells and is rare, but cancer can spread to the vagina from other parts of the body. […]

7 Unusual Symptoms of Vaginal Cancer That Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Vaginal cancer is the rarest disease that women suffer from, but it can be deadly if not treated on time. Normally, women suffer from ovarian cancer or cervical cancer post-menopause. However, women can have gynecologic cancer even before menopause. Women ignore the unusual symptoms that can lead to vaginal cancer, To Overcome these symptoms Consult […]

मॅमोग्राफी (Mammography) कोणी, कधी आणि का करावी

  लॅटिन भाषेत म्यांमा म्हणजे स्तन आणि ग्राफी म्हणजे तपासणी. मराठीत सांगायचे झाले तर आपण जसा छातीचा एक्स-रे करतो तसाच स्तनांचा एका विशिष्ट प्रकारे केला गेलेला एक्स-रे. मॅमोग्राफी (Mammography) म्हणजेच छातीची एक्स-रे (X-Ray) तपासणी असते. याचा वापर स्तनांच्या कर्करोगाचे (Breast Cancer) निदान करण्यासाठी केला जातो. मॅमोग्राफीच्या साह्याने स्तनांच्या कर्करोगाचे निदान त्याच्या प्राथमिक अवस्थेत केले जाऊ […]

केमोथेरपी (Chemotherapy) म्हणजे काय?

मानवाच्या शरीरातील एखाद्या अवयवात पेशींची बेसुमार वाढ होऊ लागते. त्यांचा शरीरात एक गोळा (Tumour) तयार होतो. पेशींच्या या अनियंत्रित वाढीस कर्करोग (Cancer) म्हणतात. कॅन्सरवर केल्या जात असलेल्या उपचारांमधील केमोथेरपी (Chemotherapy) ही एक उपचार पध्दती आहे. केमोथेरपी पध्दतीमध्ये अनियंत्रित वाढलेल्या पेशी औषधाच्या मदतीने नष्ट केल्या जातात. कॅन्सर उपचारावरील औषधे आयव्ही लाईनच्या माध्यमातून, इंजेक्शनद्वारे थेट रक्तवाहिन्यांमध्ये दिले […]

What Are Signs & Symptoms Of Bile Duct Cancer

Human bodies consist of thin tubes that connect the liver and the small intestine. These tubes allow bile to transfer from the liver to the small intestine via the Gallbladder. The fluid helps in the proper digestion of food. Key points bile duct It is a rare disease, and here, the malignant cells transform into […]

स्तनांमधले ब्रेस्ट सिस्ट (Breast cyst) आणि फायब्रोएडेनोमास (Fibroedenomas) कसे ओळखावे

ब्रेस्ट सिस्ट(Breast cyst) आजकाल तरुण म्हणजे अवघ्या 30- 40 वयाच्या महिलांमधे स्तनामधे सिस्ट (Breast cyst) किंवा गाठ आढळून येत आहे. सिस्ट (Cyst) म्हणजे द्रव पदार्थाने भरलेली एक छोटी थैली. सामान्यत: स्त्रियांमधे रजोनिवृत्तीच्या आधी याचे प्रमाण आढळते. साधारणपणे स्तनांमधले ब्रेस्ट सिस्ट या आकाराने छोट्या व वेदनारहित असतात. एका स्तनामध्ये एकापेक्षा जास्त सिस्ट आढळू शकतात. रजोनिवृत्ती नंतर […]

The Future of Cancer Care: 6 New Technologies That Will Transform Cancer Treatment

As the world has seen cancer treatments and the evolution of treatments over the years, new hopes have emerged to eliminate all forms of cancer. Here are six game-changing technologies for cancer treatment and even prevention. Here are some technologies that will help transform cancer care in the future. Liquid-biopsy test The liquid-biopsy test is […]

Paediatric Cancer Do Not Ignore Sudden Weight Loss or Swelling in Any Part of Your Child’s Body

We all desire our kids to be healthy and do everything to keep them that way. But what if they start losing weight or have swelling in a part of their body? Is this a sign of cancer? Let’s find out. What is Paediatric Cancer? Paediatric cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide […]

पित्त की थैली के कैंसर (Gallbladder Cancer) के लक्षण, कारण, बचाव के टिप्स 

  पित्ताशय (Gallbladder) हमारे शरीर का एक छोटासा अंग है जो पेट के दाँयी ओर स्थित होता है। पित्ताशय  का मुख्य उद्देश्य यकृत (Liver) द्वारा उत्पादित पित्त को इकठ्ठा करना होता है । भोजन के बाद  यह  पित्त पाचन में सहायता करता है । पित्ताशय के कैंसर (Gallbladder Cancer) के लक्षण पहचानना  मुश्किल होता है। […]

Myths Associated With Breast Self-Examination

Cases of women suffering from Breast cancer are increasing worldwide, and hence experts suggest women gather more information about breast cancers. Women often believe in different myths without knowing the exact causes. Hence it is necessary to get over all those myths and get the right treatment for breast cancer. Myths Related To Breast Self-Examination […]

Impact of Digital Therapeutics & Nutrition In Cancer Patients During Recovery & Post-Treatment

Cancer is one of the biggest problems in today’s society, and it can be stressful for those affected to deal with it. Recovery from cancer can be a difficult process and one in which digital treatments and nutrition are making huge waves. Here are 5 ways in which digital therapeutics and nutrition could help: Reduce […]

How Does Alcohol Cause Stomach Cancer?

Today, the regular habit of drinking ignites the risk factors of Stomach cancer among people. A study on five lakh adults in Europe claims people who are habituated to heavy drinking develop stomach cancer very soon. So, the people, who take 4 to 5 drinks per day, invite stomach cancer. How does Heavy-drinking affect the […]

Go Easy On Artificial Sweeteners. They May Up Your Risk of Cancer

Without sugar, people cannot enjoy food. But having a high blood sugar level, you cannot consume sugar. So, sugar patients depend on artificial sweeteners, which bring the same taste to food like sugar. The people, who suffer from obesity, use these sweeteners as they contain low calories. As a sugar substitute, artificial sweeteners do not […]

Gallbladder Cancer: Get Facts on Stages and Treatment

Gallbladder Cancer: Get Facts on Stages and Treatment: Firstly, The Gallbladder is a situation where malignant cells develop within the gallbladder tissues. The pear-shaped organ situates in the upper abdomen under the liver. The organ helps to store the fluid bile generated by the liver. This fluid is essential to break the food in the […]

कॅन्सर उपचार म्हणजे ‘प्रोलाईफ कॅन्सर सेंटर’

  कॅन्सरच्या (कर्करोग) प्रत्येक रुग्णाचे जगणे पहिल्यासारखं करणे, या एकाच ध्येयाने झटणारे शहरातील एकमेव ‘डेडिकेटेड कॅन्सर हॉस्पिटल‘ (Dedicated Cancer Hospital in Pune) म्हणजे ‘प्रोलाईफ कॅन्सर सेंटर अँड रिसर्च इन्स्टिट्यूट’ (Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute ). कॅन्सरचे निदान आणि उपचार याचा ३६० अंशांनी विचार करून कर्करोगतज्ज्ञ डॉ. सुमीत शहा यांनी हे महत्त्वांकाक्षी उभारलेले कॅन्सर हॉस्पिटल […]

किडनी कॅन्सरचे लक्षणे: चाचण्या, उपचार व शस्त्रक्रिया

  किडनी (Kideny)… म्हणजेच मूत्रपिंड. पण किडनी हा शब्द सर्वांशी जास्त परिचित आहे. शरीरातील टाकाऊ पदार्थाचे लघवीवाटे विसर्जन करणे व रक्तशुध्दीकरण ही काही महत्वाची कार्ये करणारा हा अवयव. यकृत आणि जठराच्या खालच्या बाजूस दोन्ही बाजूला हाताच्या मुठीच्या आकाराच्या या दोन किडन्या… शरीरातील यांच महत्व म्हणाल तर दोनपैकी किमान एकीचं तरी निरोगी अस्तित्व माणसाला जीवंत ठेवतं […]

Colorectal Cancer – Digestive Disorders

Colorectal cancer is a kind of cancer that develops in the colon or rectum. This guide will discuss how digestive disorder is linked with colorectal cancer. Symptoms  Digestive disorders Firstly, Digestive problems are some of the most common symptoms of colorectal cancer. Also, This can include changes in bowel habits like constipation or diarrhoea and […]

Cigarette Smoking and the Risk of Cutaneous Melanoma

The first thing that springs to mind about cigarette smoking is Lung cancer. Many people don’t consider cigarette smoking a risk factor for Cutaneous melanoma. But it is. Here we’ll discuss whether smoking cigarettes can increase the risk of cutaneous melanoma cancer and what other risk factors may also be responsible. What is Cutaneous melanoma? […]

स्तन कैंसर (Breast Cancer) के प्रमुख कारण, लक्षण और उपचार

  भारतीय महिलाओं में स्तन कैंसर (Breast Cancer)  कैंसर का प्रमुख कारण है। भारत में हर साल एक लाख साठ हजार महिलाओं में ब्रेस्ट कैंसर का पता चलता है और लगभग अस्सी हजार महिलाएं स्तन कैंसर से मर जाती हैं। भारत में स्तन कैंसर से मरने वाली महिलाओं की संख्या सबसे अधिक है। भारत में […]

Why Do Cancer Patients Cut Their Hair?

According to Dr. Sumit, Why Do Cancer Patients Cut Their Hair? In nature, hair goes through a growth cycle. There is a similarity between the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Hair follicles may be destroyed by radiation at greater levels, resulting in permanent baldness in the higher dosage region. Hair loss is a […]

Which age groups are at the highest risk for breast cancer?

According to Dr. Sumit Shah, Which age groups are at the highest risk for breast cancer? A woman in 1940 had a one-in-twentieth chance of having breast cancer over her lifetime. One in eight people is a danger today. The exact cause of a woman’s breast cancer is unknown in many situations. Moreover, two-thirds of […]

How Tobacco Leads to Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer is the most frequent cancer among males, accounting for 11.28 percent of all cases. Women are diagnosed with breast cancer at a rate of around 4.3% of all topics. In males over the age of 40, tobacco smoking is the leading cause of mouth cancer, accounting for about 80% of the cases. The […]

Rishi Kapoor dies at 67 due to Leukaemia

In a terrible incident, actor Rishi Kapoor died his lengthy fight with Leukaemia. As we all know, the actor had gone to the US for his treatment before and returned looking younger and healthy. But he has had his share of health challenges ever since. The family had been referring to the therapy as ‘marrow,’ […]

Immunotherapy to treat cancer: options & side effects

Anti-cancer treatments that activate the body’s immune system are known as Immunotherapy. Unlike healthy cells, cancer cells do not naturally die. Like a copy machine that can’t stop taking pictures, they swiftly divide. It is possible for these aberrant cells to elude the body’s immune system by changing or mutating repeatedly. Cancer immunotherapy medicines are […]

How fast does Kidney Cancer spread?

Do you know how fast does Kidney Cancer spread?. Any part of the body might be the origin of cancer. For example, RCC, or renal cell carcinoma, is the medical term for kidney cancer. It all begins when kidney cells proliferate unchecked, displacing healthy ones. As a result, the body struggles to function properly. Tumour […]

Effects of Alcohol on Tumour Growth, Metastasis, Immune Response, and Host Survival

Cancer risk is consistently associated with both cigarette and alcohol use. It doesn’t matter whether you drink wine, beer, or liquor; the goal is to become drunk. Causes of alcohol linked to an increased risk of cancer Researchers are still attempting to figure out why drinking alcohol raises a person’s chance of developing cancer. However, […]

Types of Oncologist and Services

Types of Oncologist and services Doctors specialising in cancer diagnosis and treatment are called Oncologists. Oncologists undergo intense training to become skilled professionals. They have expertise in providing required treatments, palliative care, and psychological well-being to cancer patients. Types of Oncologists and their services Majorly, they are divided into three categories: Medical oncologists A patient […]

World Cancer Day: United, We Are The Change!

World Cancer Day: United, We Are The Change! Creating awareness about an illness that kills over 8.8 million people each year is highly necessary. World Cancer Day is a great initiative that helps the world stand united and fight this disease with innovation and faith. On 4th February, several individuals come together every year to […]

भारतात जठराच्या कर्करोगाचे वाढते प्रमाण चिंताजनक

सर्व प्रकारच्या कर्करोगांवर आधुनिक तंत्र व अनुभवी तज्ञांद्वारे प्रभावी उपचार करण्याचे कार्य पुण्यातील प्रोलाईफ कॅन्सर सेंटर करत आहे. या सेंटरमधील डॉ. सुमित शहा हे कर्करोगाची यशस्वी चिकित्सा करणारे शल्यविशारद म्हणून सुप्रसिद्ध आहेत. गेल्या ६ वर्षांपासून ते वैद्यकीय क्षेत्रात कार्यरत असून चीनमध्ये नुकत्याच झालेल्या वर्ल्ड डीएनए डे 2018 या जागतिक परिषदेत त्यांना खास निमंत्रित करण्यात आलं […]

Treating Lymphoma during pandemic diagnosis consultation & care

Lymphoma refers to the cancer of your lymphatic system. It starts in the lymphocytes, which are a kind of white blood cell. These cells fight the diseases in your body and play an important role in the immune defenses of your body. As this cancer occurs in the lymph system, it quickly metastasizes or spreads […]

Life after Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer affects women not only physically but also has some psychological effects. Many women question whether it will be possible for them to get back to their old and normal life after getting breast cancer treatment. If you are someone who is a breast cancer survivor, you need to consider the following aspect to […]

How Corona virus can affect Cancer Patients Health

Corona viruses affect cancer patients health, are a range of infections that have given rise to a new type called the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It affects respiratory functions giving rise to symptoms such as fever, chills, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, etc. Why are Cancer Patients prone to Corona virus? A crucial and advantageous […]

Everything you need to know about Mammography

When we talk about the second most common type of cancer affecting women, is breast cancer. Regular Mammograms can increase the chances of breast cancer detection early on. It will therefore become easier to treat this disease. What is Mammography? Mammography is the X-ray of your breast, and it helps in the screening for breast […]

How to treat and prevent oral cancer?

Oral or mouth cancer is cancer that develops in parts of the mouth that together make up your oral cavity. Mouth cancer can occur in your gums, lips, tongue, roof of your mouth, the lining of the inner cheeks, and the floor of the mouth beneath the tongue. Symptoms of oral cancer Some of the […]

Immunotherapy Treatment for Cancer- A Brief Guide

Immunotherapy or biological therapy is a promising and evolving cancer treatment that stimulates your immune system. Some immunotherapy drugs consist of checkpoint inhibitors and CAR T-cell therapy. These treatments fuel the production of your body’s cancer-fighting cells and help the healthy cells to attack and identify cancer cells. It further engages your immune system to […]

7 Powerful Ways to Fight Chemotherapy-Induced Fatigue

Fatigue(tiredness) is the most common side effect experienced by patients during and after cancer chemotherapy. If you’re always feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted, you’re not alone. But, you do not have to give in to this fatigue; you can try the seven powerful ways that we have listed below to overcome it. 1. Control […]

जठराच्या कर्करोगाचे (Gastric Cancer) निदान आणि उपचार पद्धती

जठराचा कर्करोग:-चोर पावलांचा प्रवास अन्ननलिकेचा पुढील भाग म्हणजे जठर. आपण  खाल्लेल्या अन्नपचनाची सुरूवात येथुन होते. तसा हा महत्त्वाचा अवयव पण यालाच कर्करोग  झाला तर….?  हा जठराचा कर्करोग  म्हणजेच पोटाचा कर्करोग यालाच Gastric cancer असेही संबोधले जाते तसं पाहिलं तर हा आजार आधी मुख्यत्वे Western countries मध्ये जास्त होता, पण आता भारतातही याचे प्रमाण हळूहळू वाढताना […]

स्तनांचा कर्करोग (Breast Cancer)- निदान आणि उपचार पद्धती

  भारतीय स्त्रियांमध्ये होणाऱ्या  कर्करोगामध्ये स्तनाचा कर्करोग (Breast Cancer) हा पहिल्या क्रमांकावर येतो . दरवर्षी भारतात एक लाख साठ हजार स्त्रियांना स्तनाचा कर्करोग होतो, आणि जवळ जवळ ऐंशी हजार स्त्रिया स्तनाच्या कर्करोगामुळे मृत्युमुखी होतात . स्तनाच्या कर्करोगामुळे मृत्युमुखी होणाऱ्या स्त्रियांचे प्रमाण भारतात जास्त आहे. बावीस महिलांमध्ये  एका महिलेला स्तनाच्या कर्करोगाची लागण होण्याची शक्यता असते. जर […]

कर्करोग रुग्णांसाठी वरदान…

‘प्रोलाईफ कॅन्सर सेंटर अँड रिसर्च इन्स्टिट्यूट’ कर्करोग म्हणजे मरणाची चाहूल, असं वाटत असलं तरी प्रत्यक्षात ती नव्या जीवनाची सुरुवातच मानायला हवी. कॅन्सरमुळे रुग्णाची इच्छाशक्ती वाढून त्याला जगण्याची प्रेरणा मिळते. कर्करोग निदानासाठी समर्पित असलेले पुण्यातील एकमेव रुग्णालय ‘प्रोलाईफ कॅन्सर सेंटर अँड रिसर्च इन्स्टिट्यूट’. कॅन्सरच्या रुग्णांसाठी वरदान ठरले आहे. सर्जरी, केमोथेरपी आणि रेडिएशन ही कॅन्सरच्या उपचाराची त्रिसूत्री […]

4 फेब्रुवारी 2022- जागतिक कर्करोग दिन

४ फेब्रुवारी आज "जागतिक कर्करोग दिन" या दिनाच्या पार्श्वभूमीवर कर्करोग व त्या अनुषंगाने येणाऱ्या विविध बाबींचा साकल्याने विचार करुयात. सर्वसामान्य माणसांमध्ये कॅन्सर या व्याधीबद्दलचे कमालीचे अर्थशून्य भय इतके पराकोटीला पोहोचले आहे कि कॅन्सर म्हणजे मृत्यूच असेच समिकरण बहुतांश लोकांनी त्यांच्या मनापुरते करून घेतलेले दिसुन येते. जेव्हाकी वस्तुस्थितीचा आपलं मन विचारच करत नाही. सध्याची कॅन्सरबाबतची वस्तुस्थिती [...]

World Cancer Day 2022 – Close The Care Gap

Creating awareness about an illness that kills over 8.8 million people each year is highly necessary. World Cancer Day is a great initiative that helps the world stand united and fight this disease with innovation and faith. On 4th February, several individuals come together every year to spread the word and introduce its preventions to […]

When Should You Get Yourself Tested for Colorectal Cancer?

Colon cancer screening refers to a part of the health care routine. In case your doctor recommends a colon cancer screening, you can select from different kinds of colon cancer screening tests. If you have any symptoms and signs like abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, bleeding, and change in your bowel habits,  you need to have […]

What are the risk factors for cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is a kind of cancer that happens in the cells of your cervix or the low part of your uterus that connects to your vagina. Many strains of HPV or human papillomavirus, an infection that is sexually transmitted, play a role in causing cervical cancer. The immune system of your body normally prevents […]

Do You Know Cigarette Smoking Can Cause Tongue Cancer?

Tobacco has a major risk for different kinds of cancer, such as tongue cancer. All the products of tobacco, including snuff, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigars, and cigarettes, have the following- An addictive substance called nicotine Carcinogens or cancer-causing agents Toxins or poisonous substance     1.  Cigarettes They are the most common tobacco used, […]

Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer in Women

Cervical cancer occurs at the entrance of your womb. The cervix is a narrow part of your lower uterus, which is often known as the womb’s neck. HPV or Human papillomavirus is the most common cause of cervical cancer. You can take the HPV vaccine to prevent the risk of cervical cancer. The CDC recommends […]

Cancer Patients, Avoid Heavy or Very Frequent Consumption Peanuts

Cancer patients who consume peanuts regularly can raise the risk of the spreading of cancer. Therefore, frequent or heavy peanut consumption needs to be avoided by some cancer patients so as to prevent metastasis of cancer. Peanut agglutinin, or PNA, is a protein that binds carbohydrates that enters your circulation of blood after you consume […]

An Overview of Prevention and Early Detection of Cervical Cancer

You can prevent the risk of having cervical cancer by going for regular screenings. These screenings include HPV tests and PAP tests for finding any pre-cancerous cells and treating them. You can also prevent it by getting an HPV vaccine. You can talk with your doctor about this vaccination, as it can be based on […]

‘कॅन्सरचा बाऊन्सर ‘ चुकवायचाय …… ?

  ढोलताशांच्या गजरात , गुलालाची मुक्त उधळण, गणपतीबाप्पाचं स्वागत ..... गुलाबी रंगानं माखुन निघालेला..... डिजेच्या तालावर सैरभैर होऊन थिरकणारा राहूल ..... त्याच्या जीवनात श्री गणेश कृपेनं एक सप्तरंगी इंद्रधनुष्य पुन्हा फुललं होतं ... त्याला स्वतःवरही विश्वास बसत नव्हता की त्याच्या बेरंगी आयुष्यात असा काही बदल होईल .... बेरंगीच आयुष्य म्हणावं  लागेल ... काही महिन्यांपूर्वी सिगारेटच्या [...]

What is Chemotherapy | Cost, Uses, Side Effects, and Procedure in Pune

1. What is chemotherapy? Chemotherapy means the use of drugs to treat cancer. The actual word chemotherapy (chemo+ therapy) meaning is the use of chemicals to treat any disease. Over the period of time antibiotics (drugs used to treat bacterial infection) anti-viral agents (drugs used to treat viral infection) anti-fungal agents (drugs used to treat [...]

What Can I do to Reduce My Risk of Cervical Cancer?

The best thing that you can do to prevent your risk of having cervical cancer is to get an HPV vaccine. Cervical cancer affects women who are younger. Hence, we have listed all of the things that you need to do to reduce your risk of cervical cancer. What can I do to reduce my […]

तोंडाचा (मुखाचा) कर्करोग (Oral Cancer Treatment in Marathi): वेळेवर निदान हे जीवन वाचवणारे आहे

  तोंडाचा  कॅन्सर  (Mouth Cancer)…. कर्करोग (Cancer) म्हटलं की सर्वसामान्य माणसाचं धैर्य पुर्णतः खचून जातं … व  तो  सगळं संपलं या निरर्थक विचारांच्या अधिन होतो .  कॅन्सर …. मग तो कुठलाही असो …. त्याचं वेळीच निदान झालं अन त्यावर योग्य ठिकाणी यथायोग्य उपचार झाले तर इतर व्याधींसारखचं यावर देखील आपण विजय मिळवू शकतो .  गरज […]

BRCA Gene Testing: Who Is More Vulnerable To Breast Cancer?

BRCA gene test is a kind of blood test that makes use of your DNA analysis to recognize the harmful mutations or changes in one or two types of susceptibility breast cancer genes. People who get these mutations in their genes hereditarily are at risk of having breast cancer. Who can get the BRCA gene [...]

HPV Vaccines to Prevent Cervical Cancer

HPV has various strains that spread through sexual contact. This leads to cervical cancer. Gardasil 9 is a vaccine of HPV approved by the US Drug and Food Administration. Both boys and girls can take this vaccine. This vaccine can prevent cervical cancer if women have it before they come into exposure to the virus. [...]

Myths about Ovarian Cancer- Cysts usually Develop into Cancer

Ovarian cancer is a rare disease. Many women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. However, there still exist certain misconceptions about this disease. Because of these misconceptions, women still have a lack of awareness about this disease. When you combat these kinds of misinformation, you can create a difference when it comes to surviving and detecting [...]

Cancer Surgery: Tips To Prepare Your Body For Quick Recovery Post Operation

After leaving the hospital post your cancer surgery operation, you have to take proper care of your body at home. But, it is important to know how to prepare your body for post-operation recovery. All these will mostly depend upon the kind of cancer that you are suffering from and several other factors. However, for [...]

Role of Laparoscopic Surgery in Gynaecological Cancers Treatment

Incidences of gynecological cancers are increasing rapidly. Each 1 out of 4 women is diagnosed with gynecological cancer (cancers that start in a woman’s reproductive system). Gynecological cancers are classified based on the origin of the tumor, like cervical cancer, uterine cancer, endometrial cancer, etc. In India, cervical cancer takes the life of one woman [...]

तोंडाचा (मुखाचा) कर्करोग (Mouth Cancer)- कारणे आणि लक्षणे

तोंडाचा कर्करोग म्हणजे तोंडाच्या कोणत्याही एका भागात ट्यूमर विकसित होणे. हा कर्करोग  जिभेच्या पृष्ठभागावर, जिभेच्या खाली , गालांच्या आतील बाजूस, तोंडाच्या छतावर (तालू), ओठ किंवा हिरड्या यापैकी कोणत्याही भागात होऊ शकतो. भारतामध्ये तोंडाच्या कर्करोग हा टॉप ३ कर्करोगापैकी एक आहे ज्यामुळे सर्वाधिक मृत्यू होत आहेत.  स्त्रियांच्या तुलनेत पुरुषांना तोंडाचा कर्करोग होण्याचा धोका दुप्पट असतो. तसेच [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness

Every woman should be aware of breast cancer and its early symptoms to live a healthy life in the long run. There are multiple women in India and other parts of the world who are completely ignorant of breast cancer symptoms, and naturally, they ignore the disease completely. Are you aware that thousands of women [...]

Myths and facts about mammogram

Mammograms are the best way to detect breast cancer early. Early detection is the best protection. It is easier to treat cancer when it is detected in an early stage. With the help of a mammogram, about 60% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed before they spread. It also reduces the number of deaths from [...]

Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer: Myths and Facts

Breastfeeding has many health benefits for both mother and infant but, many women find breastfeeding a challenging process. And breast cancer can make it more complicated. Here are some common myths and facts about breastfeeding and breast cancer. Myth 1: Breastfeeding reduce mother’s risk of developing breast cancer True! Breastfeeding women will have less exposure [...]

Oral Cancer: Myths and Facts

Most people have a misconception that oral health means only avoiding cavities or banishing bad breath. But most people forget about oral cancers. There is relatively low awareness about oral cancer and how to prevent it. In India, oral cancer ranks in the top 3 cancer-causing maximum deaths. Over 5 people in India die every hour every [...]

Fertility Preservation in Gynaecological Cancers Treatment

Both men and women can have significant impact on fertility. Especially women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer or going through its treatment may face problem of  infertility. The another major concern is most of the of gynaecological cancers occur in young women desirous to retain the unaffected uterus and ovary. But now with the advancement in cancer treatment [...]

Cervical cancer myths and facts

Cervical cancer is a type cancer that occurs in the cells of the cervix which is the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina. Cervical cancer is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) which is a sexually transmitted infection. Most of the cervical cancer begin in the cells of transformation zone. These cells [...]

Do Breast Implants Trigger Breast Cancer?

Introduction to breast enlargement  The breast implant is one of the most followed surgeries that is done to feel more comfortable with the appearance of breasts. It is used to change the shape, size, and outline of a person’s breast, usually performed by women to uplift the breast size and feel, re-establish breast volume, enhancing [...]

Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Types and Outcomes

Breast reconstruction surgery is the rebuilding of the breast in women. It is performed after mastectomy (in which complete breast is removed to treat breast cancer) to restore the shape of your breast. It is performed in 2-3 stages and requires several follow-up appointments. Breast cancer surgery is most successful when performed by a skilled [...]

स्तनाच्या कर्करोगाविषयी निराधार भीती नको

तिचे वय अवघे २७ वर्षे असेल. हिंजवडी आयटी पार्कमधील एका कंपनीत ती काम करते. ऑफिसमध्ये अन्य मुलींशी चर्चा करताना स्तनाच्या कर्करोगाचा (Breast Cancer) विषय निघाला. काही दिवसांपासून तिलाही स्तनाच्या जागी छोटीशी गाठ असल्यासारखे वाटत होते. ती थोडी घाबरली आणि थेट गुगल केले. स्तनाच्या कर्करोगाची माहिती इंटरनेटवर खूप मोठ्या प्रमाणात उपलब्ध होती, पण तिच्या मनासारखे उत्तर [...]

8 Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

When a person diagnosed with cancer, the first question that comes to his mind is “Why me? What have I done to have cancer?”. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in women. Although treatments have improved, prevention and early detection can have the greatest effect on reducing the burden of cancer in [...]

How Film Actress Manisha Koirala Recovered from Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Cancer can happen to anyone. This is story of Indian film actress Manisha Koirala. Her battle of cancer is an inspiration to all women having ovarian cancer. In 2012, Manisha was shocked when she was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. Initially she won’t believed. She thought that her persistent sickness and abdominal bloating were [...]

Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman’s Death Puts Spotlight on Dreadful Colon Cancer Disease

American actor Chadwick Boseman, who had achieved ground-breaking success with his acting in King Black Panther movie, died on 28 August 2020 due to colon cancer. He was just 43 years old. He was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in year 2016. He was struggling with the disease for the past 4 years since he [...]

Male breast cancer – symptoms, causes and treatment

It is biggest misunderstanding in people that breast cancer occurs in women only. But it can occur in men too. Even though male breast tissue do not have milk producing tissue, still males can develop breast cancer. The percentage of developing breast cancer in men is very less i.e. 1 in 1000. But the mortality [...]

Early warning signs of colon cancer that you should not ignore

Colon cancer is the cancer of the colon which begins with the development of pre-cancerous polyps from the lining of the colon. The incidence of colorectal cancer in India is lower than that in the western countries, and it is the seventh leading cancer in India. Like other cancer, the person diagnosed with colon cancer [...]

Does breastfeeding lowers your risk of developing breast cancer?

Breastmilk provides a complete nourishment to your baby and therefore doctors always recommend breastfeeding for at least 6 months for better health of baby and mother. Today on the honor of breastfeeding week, we are going to discuss, does breast cancer lowers your risk of developing breast cancer? The answer is yes, the woman who [...]

All you need to know about soft tissue sarcoma treatment

What is soft tissue sarcoma? The word sarcoma means malignant tumour. Soft tissue sarcoma is a type of cancer that begins in soft tissues like fat, muscle, nerves, fibrous tissues, blood vessels, or deep skin tissues. Most sarcomas start in arms or legs but they can also be found in trunk, head and neck area, [...]

Ovarian cancer: A Silent Killer in Women

Ovarian cancer is amongst the deadliest silent killer in women as it’s symptoms does not appear in early stage. It ranks 5th in cancer deaths among women and causes more deaths than any other women cancer types. In most of the cases, it is discovered after spreading within pelvis and abdomen. At this stage, it [...]

Precautions to be taken before, during and after breast cancer surgery

Breast cancer develops due to uncontrolled growth of cells in the breast. There are various types of breast cancer. It depends on area in which cells of breast turn into cancer. In India, for every 2 women diagnosed newly with breast cancer, 1 woman dies. In India, it is the most common cancer in women [...]

Rehabilitation for Head and Neck Cancer Survivors

HNC cure is sometimes very dreadful. Many of the cancer survivors faces physical and psychological problems after cancer treatment. Most common problems faced by HNC survivors include: Fear of tumour progression Swallowing Difficulty in talking Swelling in the neck Decreased sense of taste Most patients accept the physical facial defects and lack of optimal function [...]

गर्भाशय मुखाचे कर्करोग (सर्व्हिकल कॅन्सर ) व आधुनिक उपचार पद्धती

धकाधकी .... धावपळ म्हणजेच आयुष्य हेच जणू आजकालचे समिकरण बनत चालले आहे. या धावपळीच्या आयुष्यामध्ये स्वतःच्या आरोग्याकडे लक्ष द्यायला कोणाला मुळी वेळच नाही. त्यातल्या त्यात जर ती स्त्री असेन ..... मग ती वर्कींग वुमन असो अथवा गृहिणी तिला स्वतःकडे, स्वतःच्या आरोग्याकडे लक्ष देण्यासाठी वेळ मिळणं दुरावास्तच..... सुरुवातीला कदाचित कोणतीही लक्षणे न दाखवता अतिशय धिम्या गतीने [...]

We aim to eliminate fear of cancer, says Dr. Sumit Shah, surgical oncologist

What prompted you to start free services as cancer treatment is expensive? It is true, that cancer when detected, is financially draining and burdening for the patient. The treatment costs are very high and many delay their treatment or avoid it due to expensive surgery costs. However, there are government schemes that allow a patient [...]

सावध ऐका … कॅन्सरच्या हाका !

कॅन्सर हा शब्द उच्चारता क्षणी माणसाच्या मनामध्ये एक अनामिक भिती निर्माण होते.अन नानाविध प्रश्नाची मालिका सुरु होते . ती भिती अनाठायी नसतेच मुळी... का होतो? कशामुळे होतो? लक्षणे कोणती ? मला होऊ नये म्हणून मी काय करू ? अशा प्रश्न चक्रव्यूहात आपण अडकतो अन ते स्वाभाविकही आहे. अशाच स्वरूपाच्या आत्यंतिक वेगानं पसरत चाललेल्या ब्रेस्ट कॅन्सर [...]