Cancer Surgery: Tips To Prepare Your Body For Quick Recovery Post Operation

Cancer Surgery: Tips To Prepare Your Body For Quick Recovery Post Operation | Prolife Cancer Centre

After leaving the hospital post your cancer surgery operation, you have to take proper care of your body at home. But, it is important to know how to prepare your body for post-operation recovery. All these will mostly depend upon the kind of cancer that you are suffering from and several other factors. However, for your convenience, we have listed a few points for you to take care of the same.

Things to do to prepare your body for a fast recovery post your cancer surgery

1. Alcohol and diet

Being obese or overweight can affect your recovery and surgery. Your surgeon will ask you to work on your diet. You must even stop drinking alcohol atleast a few weeks before your surgery. In addition, you may also require to lose some of your weight.

2. Tobacco

If you are someone who smokes, your surgeon will tell you not to smoke before your surgery. This is because tobacco constricts your blood vessels and it lowers the oxygen supply to the tissues of your body. Smoking can even delay your recovery as well as healing. Moreover, it can result in complications after your surgery.

3. Any drugs

You have to take the responsibility of informing your surgeon about all and any drugs or medications that you can use. This includes a list of supplements, vitamins, as well as street drugs, and marijuana.

4. History of Anesthesia

Your doctor will ask you if you have had problems with anesthesia in the past. This will further take into consideration the medical history of your family members. This is due to the fact that after you get anesthesia, your doctor can do things to prevent your vomiting or nausea.


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