Cigarette Smoking and the Risk of Cutaneous Melanoma

Cutaneous Melanoma Treatment

The first thing that springs to mind about cigarette smoking is Lung cancer. Many people don’t consider cigarette smoking a risk factor for Cutaneous melanoma. But it is. Here we’ll discuss whether smoking cigarettes can increase the risk of cutaneous melanoma cancer and what other risk factors may also be responsible.

What is Cutaneous melanoma?

Cutaneous melanoma is a type of skin cancer that forms when pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) become cancerous and grow out of control. The disease usually begins in the skin, but it can also start in other body parts where melanocytes are found, including the eyes and intestines.

Symptoms of Cutaneous melanoma:

  • Cigarette Smoking

Smoking can lower your body’s ability to repair itself from UV damage, increasing your risk of skin cancer.

  • New Moles or Worsening Moles

If a mole starts to bleed or has an irregular shape, it could mean that you have cutaneous melanoma and should see a doctor immediately.

  • Change in Skin Texture

It can affect the skin’s texture by causing it to become rough or scaly. Lesions with this type of change are more likely to develop into cancerous tumours than those without these symptoms.

Diagnosis of Cutaneous Melanoma

  • Physical exam

Your doctor will examine your skin from head to toe using a magnifying lens to check for suspicious moles and growths.

  • Biopsy

If your doctor finds a suspicious mole or growth, they will perform a biopsy to determine whether it’s cancerous. A little bit of tissue is taken and checked for cancer cells during this process.


Cigarette smokers are among the high-risk group for melanoma skin cancer. They do not realize that their smoking habit is one of the strongest risk factors for contracting this life-threatening cancer. Contact Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Pune for more detail.

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