FAQ: Coronavirus and Patients with Cancer

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Get answers to all your questions about coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions and cancer care.

  1. Who is at higher risk of getting infected to COVID-19?

Adults with age 60+ and those having serious chronic diseases like include heart disease, diabetes, lung disease and cancer are at higher risk of getting sick from COVID-19. Patients who are immunocompromised are also at higher risk.

  1. Are cancer patients higher risk of severe consequences of COVID-19?

Recent study of cancer patient showed that patients who underwent chemotherapy or surgery in the past month are at a higher risk compared to those who had not received recent cancer treatment. The risk appears to be higher in patients with more than one chronic medical condition.

  1. What is Prolife Cancer Center doing to protect its patients and staff?

We aimed at protecting our staff as well as patients and visitors. All patients who visit our clinics are immediately given masks to wear as a way to contain their respiratory secretions and to prevent spread of infection to others. We also inquire about potential exposure to patients who may have tested positive for COVID-19 or have travelled within the last 14 days.

  1. Should I delay my treatment, surgery or radiation therapy?

Patient are advised to contact their oncologist for making decision about cancer treatment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your oncologist.

  1. Should I continue taking cancer drugs?

If you’re worried about getting your medication while staying at home, the best thing to do is contact your local council and ask about getting it delivered.

  1. What should I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19?

Call immediately your cancer treatment center and to report your symptoms. This allows your doctor to determine what evaluation is necessary and where that evaluation should take place. Many cancer treatment center are directing symptomatic patients to locations to specific locations for testing and evaluation.