Go Easy On Artificial Sweeteners. They May Up Your Risk of Cancer

Go Easy On Artificial Sweeteners. They May Up Your Risk of Cancer

Without sugar, people cannot enjoy food. But having a high blood sugar level, you cannot consume sugar. So, sugar patients depend on artificial sweeteners, which bring the same taste to food like sugar. The people, who suffer from obesity, use these sweeteners as they contain low calories. As a sugar substitute, artificial sweeteners do not have much energy. According to critical research, artificial sweeteners invite many health hazards such as brain tumours, weight gain, bladder cancer, etc.

How Artificial Sweeteners Emerge Carcinogenicity In Human Body?

Firstly, Extreme sweetness and zero nutrition of artificial sweeteners are a dangerous combination. It contains steviol glycosides, aspartame, sucralose, etc.

Secondly, The beverages and desserts with artificial sweeteners can offer a low-carb or low-calorie diet. But these sugar substitutes contain stevia blends and added fillers such as maltodextrin. These synthetic properties can affect the growth of healthy gut bacteria in the human body.

What Is The Importance of Gut Bacteria?

The residing group of bacteria in your gut includes – Bacteroidetes, Actinobacteria, Firmicutes, and Proteobacteria. Individually, this group plays a vital role in your health. From keeping the digestive system and nutrient absorption flow active, these gut bacteria play significant roles. These groups of bacteria produce micronutrients like folate, Vitamin-K, fatty acids, etc., in the body. Above all, friendly bacteria destroy harmful bacteria in gut flora. Due to the imbalance of helpful bacteria in gut flora, the human body experiences a different functional crisis. This crisis is called dysbiosis.

Dysbiosis exposes harmful bacteria that can affect insulin resistance and cause inflammation, bowel disease, etc. These types of functional disorders, on a long-term basis, can lead to colorectal cancer.

Therefore, the synthetic properties of artificial sweeteners hinder the growth of friendly bacteria and destroy the balance of gut flora. As a result, long-term functional disorders in the human body can cause cancer.


Finally, The whole discussion shows the impact of synthetic components of artificial sweeteners on the human body. These are why doctors of Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute at Pune, recommend consuming sugar substitutes in moderate quantities.

About Dr. Sumit Shah

Dr. Sumit Shah is the Founder of Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute which provides the most comprehensive and integrated Cancer Treatment under one roofHe is the Chief Consultant, Surgical Oncologist & Laparoscopic surgeon. He has pursued a super speciality course at the Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Res. Institute, Kolkata and being awarded as the Best Outgoing Cancer Surgeon from this Institute.

Dr. Shah is one of the few Cancer Specialists in Pune who possess this recognized degree in Surgical Oncology.