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1)Evidence Based personalized Care
2) Senia ancologist to take Cave 9- Pulent Divectly
3)Experience Klersing staff
4)Dedicated pean ma team
5)Canglomantas of Knowledge
+ skills + Technology + Expand
6)Cleanliness and hygiene
7) Insurance & Profiantly Billig Cost effecting
8)Upto 50% discount on Chemotherapy Medicines

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Why Prolife is best cancer hospital in Pune?

Cancer is a difficult condition to treat. Even the same form of cancer might act differently in different persons depending on its stage. Therefore, each and every patient requires a personalized care plan that is evidence-based and uses a comprehensive approach.

The Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute is a well-known cancer hospital in Pune.  Each patient who trusts Prolife receives compassionate, evidence-based care. Our goal is to dispel people’s dread of the word “cancer” and to help them understand that it is a perfectly treatable disease.

We think there must be a more effective technique to treat cancer. To cure and improve the quality of life for our patients, we remain true to our mission and core principles. We owe it to the patient who puts their trust in us to provide the best care possible.

At Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute, the leading cancer hospital in Pune, we are dedicated to offering the most complete and cutting-edge care for all types of cancer. Our unwavering commitment to our mission and core beliefs drives us to treat patients with compassion and improve their quality of life. Within our state-of-the-art facility, we provide the best cancer treatment in Pune, utilizing advanced technologies and a multidisciplinary approach. Trust us to be your premier choice for comprehensive cancer care, right here in Pune.

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Prolife Cancer Centre: Where Excellence in Cancer Care Meets Compassion. Our renowned Cancer Hospital in Pune combines advanced treatment options with personalized care to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients. With a team of experienced specialists and a state-of-the-art facility, we are dedicated to fighting cancer with expertise, innovation, and a patient-centric approach. At Prolife Cancer Centre, we strive to transform lives, instill hope, and make a positive impact in the battle against cancer. Trust us to be your partner in your journey towards a healthier, cancer-free life.

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Dr. Sumit Shah - Cancer Specialist in Pune

Dr. Sumit Shah, a renowned Chief Consultant, Surgical Oncologist, and Laparoscopic surgeon, is the founder of Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute. This state-of-the-art medical facility provides a comprehensive range of integrated cancer treatment options under one roof. Dr. Shah has pursued a super-specialty course in Surgical Oncology at the Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Res. Institute in Kolkata, where he was recognized as the Best Outgoing Cancer Surgeon. He is among the few cancer specialist in Pune who possess this recognized degree, demonstrating his exceptional expertise in the field of surgical oncology.

Having successfully treated over 20,000 cancer patients, Dr. Sumit Shah stands as a prominent figure in the field of oncology. His expertise extends to performing minimal access (keyhole) surgery, which ensures a smoother and less painful recovery for his patients. Dr. Shah’s mission is to provide the best possible treatment to improve patient’s quality of life while approaching cancer with compassion and care. His dedication to changing perceptions about cancer reflects his commitment to transforming lives.

With numerous cancer centers in India offering comprehensive treatment for patients from around the globe, there are ample options available to cater to diverse cancer care needs

cancer surgeon in pune

Dr. Sumit Shah

DNB(Gen. Surgery), DNB(Surgical Oncology)

Fellowship in Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery

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What Causes Cancer?

 Smoking Or Tobacco chewing likely to develop cancer of the Lung, Mouth, Throat, Esophagus, Bladder, And Pancreas. Smoking causes about a quarter of all cancers. Also exposure to chemicals like Asbestos, Benzene, Formaldehyde, etc increases the risk of developing cancer like urinary bladder cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer. 

What are the early symptoms of cancer?

Common symptoms of any type of cancer include unexpected fevers, unexplained weight loss, lumps, etc. If the symptoms persist for more than a week, visit your healthcare provider. If cancer is suspected, you will be advised to do cancer diagnosis tests. It is followed by a screening and cancer treatment plan, which is again customized for each patient depending on the stage of cancer and other medical conditions. 

How do I know what type of cancer I have?

Based on symptoms, your cancer specialist can perform cancer diagnostic tests that can include pathological, cytological, or radiological examinations. If the cancer is confirmed, the cancer specialist determines the stage of cancer to get an idea about the malignancy’s extent and spread.

When should I see a cancer specialist?

Your doctor or physician may carry out tests to determine whether you have cancer or not. If your healthcare provider suspects that you have cancer, you’ll likely be referred to a cancer specialist.

What are the cancer treatment options available?

Treatment of cancer varies based on several factors like the type of cancer and the stage of cancer. Usually, cancer treatment options include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc. At a Pro-life cancer center, we use a multidisciplinary approach, where an integrated team of cancer specialists decides your cancer treatment.

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Amol Pawar
Amol Pawar
Hello my name is amol pawar i visited prolife hospital last month due to my mother cancer and we met dr .shah.my mother is suffering from lungs cancer.doctor Shah has treated v well and explained everything in depth.we are satisfied with the hospital and all over experience is good and staff is v coprative and hospital is hygienic.
Sumeet Rawade
Sumeet Rawade
I highly recommend Dr Sumit Shah as the best cancer surgeon in pune. He's always there for his patients, ready to help and clear in his queries. His straightforward approach and genuine care set him apart. If you're looking for the best cancer surgeon who puts the patient first, Dr Shah is the one to see in Pune.
Aatish more
Aatish more
My mother-in-law (70 years old) was diagnosed with colon cancer. Dr. Shah performed a complex laproscopic surgery and successfully treated her ulcerative colitis and colon cancer. Thank you very much. We feel fortunate to have found such a professional and qualified doctor during our medical emergency.
Prava Priyadarshini Das
Prava Priyadarshini Das
Dr.Sumit Shah is a highly skilled and experienced oncologist in pune. Recently, my brother was diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Shah performed a major surgery which went smoothly. He is very professional and supportive from the time of consultation to before and after surgery. We are very grateful to have been under his care. Dr. Sumit Shah is a blessing to us.
Manoj Behera
Manoj Behera
My experience at the Prolife Cancer Centre, under the care of Dr. Sumit Shah, was excellent. As expected, Dr. Shah, known as one of Pune's best cancer specialist, lived up to his reputation. I am deeply grateful for his excellent treatment, patient-centric approach, and his clear explanation of the surgical procedure. Thank you, Dr. Shah.
Sunil Rawade
Sunil Rawade
I am sharing this review based on my personal experience. I was diagnosed with colon cancer with the help of Dr. Sumit Shah i came to know that its an earlier stage, Dr.Shah who is a very excellent oncologist, great human being, brilliant surgeon helped me to get rid of this disease. Thank you, Dr.Shah for all your help and support.
Sayali Giri
Sayali Giri
I am thankful to Dr. Sumit Shah and the team for exceptional care they provided me during my treatment for cervical cancer. His expertise and compassion made a difficult time more manageable. He was not only my doctor, but also a beacon of hope, that guided me through the darkest storm. I am now on the road to recovery, and I owe it all to Dr. Shah. His commitment to his patients is truly remarkable. I highly recommend Dr. Shah to anyone in need of a medical specialist.
Rita Deshmukh
Rita Deshmukh
It was an amazing experience to have Dr. Sumit Shah as a doctor for my oral cancer treatment, I was suffering from oral cancer but due to his supportive guidance the journey of treatment became very easy and smooth. Negative thoughts will never come into your mind. You can blindly trust him and move on in your life with positive thoughts.
laxmipriya sahoo
laxmipriya sahoo
Dr. Sumit Shah is one of the best oncologist in Pune. he provided me exceptional care in treating my throat cancer. In our first meeting, he had already clarified everything & prepared me for further treatment. And after meeting him we realised I can get well under his observation. Thanks Dr. Sumit Shah and his team.

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