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1)Evidence Based personalized Care
2) Senia ancologist to take Cave 9- Pulent Divectly
3)Experience Klersing staff
4)Dedicated pean ma team
5)Canglomantas of Knowledge
+ skills + Technology + Expand
6)Cleanliness and hygiene
7) Insurance & Profiantly Billig Cost effecting
8)Upto 50% discount on Chemotherapy Medicines

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Why Prolife is best cancer hospital in Pune?

Cancer is a difficult condition to treat. Even the same form of cancer might act differently in different persons depending on its stage. Therefore, each and every patient requires a personalized care plan that is evidence-based and uses a comprehensive approach.

The Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute is a well-known cancer hospital in Pune.  Each patient who trusts Prolife receives compassionate, evidence-based care. Our goal is to dispel people’s dread of the word “cancer” and to help them understand that it is a perfectly treatable disease.

We think there must be a more effective technique to treat cancer. To cure and improve the quality of life for our patients, we remain true to our mission and core principles. We owe it to the patient who puts their trust in us to provide the best care possible.

At Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute, the leading cancer hospital in Pune, we are dedicated to offering the most complete and cutting-edge care for all types of cancer. Our unwavering commitment to our mission and core beliefs drives us to treat patients with compassion and improve their quality of life. Within our state-of-the-art facility, we provide the best cancer treatment in Pune, utilizing advanced technologies and a multidisciplinary approach. Trust us to be your premier choice for comprehensive cancer care, right here in Pune.

Dr. Sumit Shah

Prolife Cancer Centre In Pune

Our Uniqueness

Minimal Access Cancer Surgery

In minimal access surgery, a surgeon makes tiny holes (0.5 to 1 cm) in the patient’s abdomen or thorax rather than large incisions & entering the patient’s body cavity. The surgeon then inserts a tiny telescope that has magnified vision & uses a stick-like instrument to carry out the procedure. Laparoscopy or thoracoscopy are the terms used to describe this process. The procedure may be referred to as a thoracoscopic esophagectomy, or another name depending on the organs that are being removed.
The benefits of minimally invasive surgery are significant. With smaller incisions, patients experience reduced scarring, less post-operative pain, & faster recovery times. This approach also lowers the risk of infections & complications. In addition, precise nature of minimally invasive surgery allows for targeted tumor removal, improving treatment outcomes. At Prolife Cancer Centre which is the best Cancer Hospital in Pune , we prioritize the advantages of minimally invasive procedures to provide our patients with the best possible care & outcomes.

Organ & Function preservation surgery

Organ and function preservation surgery, also known as organ-preserving surgery or organ-sparing surgery, refers to surgical procedures aimed at removing or treating a diseased or damaged organ while preserving its function to the greatest extent possible. The goal is to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes while minimizing the impact on the patient's overall health and quality of life.

Affordable Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapies, Immunotherapies
  1. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells or prevent them from growing and dividing. Traditional chemotherapy is not targeted to specific cancer cells, but it can be effective against rapidly dividing cells in general. The cost of chemotherapy can vary depending on the specific drugs used, the duration of treatment, and the setting (hospital or outpatient). Some older chemotherapy drugs may be available in generic forms, which can be more affordable. Additionally, there may be financial assistance programs and resources available for patients to help with the cost of chemotherapy.
  2. Targeted Therapies: Targeted therapies are drugs that specifically target certain molecules or genetic mutations involved in the growth and spread of cancer cells. These therapies are designed to block the growth signals of cancer cells or interfere with specific proteins involved in tumor growth. Targeted therapies can be more precise and potentially less toxic than traditional chemotherapy. However, they can be expensive, especially newer drugs that are still under patent protection. As patents expire, generic versions may become available, potentially reducing costs. Insurance coverage and patient assistance programs can also help make targeted therapies more affordable for patients.
  3. Immunotherapies: Immunotherapies harness the body's immune system to fight cancer. They work by stimulating the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells more effectively. Some types of immunotherapies include immune checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-T cell therapy, and cancer vaccines. Immunotherapies have shown promising results in treating various cancers, but they can be costly. Similar to targeted therapies, the cost of immunotherapies can be influenced by factors such as patents, production processes, and the type of treatment required. As with other cancer treatments, financial assistance programs and insurance coverage can help alleviate the financial burden for patients.
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Prolife Cancer Centre: Where Excellence in Cancer Care Meets Compassion. Our renowned Cancer Hospital in Pune combines advanced treatment options with personalized care to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients. With a team of experienced specialists and a state-of-the-art facility, we are dedicated to fighting cancer with expertise, innovation, and a patient-centric approach. At Prolife Cancer Centre, we strive to transform lives, instill hope, and make a positive impact in the battle against cancer. Trust us to be your partner in your journey towards a healthier, cancer-free life.

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Dr. Sumit Shah - Cancer Specialist in Pune

Dr. Sumit Shah, a renowned Chief Consultant, Surgical Oncologist, and Laparoscopic surgeon, is the founder of Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute. This state-of-the-art medical facility provides a comprehensive range of integrated cancer treatment options under one roof. Dr. Shah has pursued a super-specialty course in Surgical Oncology at the Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Res. Institute in Kolkata, where he was recognized as the Best Outgoing Cancer Surgeon. He is among the few cancer specialist in Pune who possess this recognized degree, demonstrating his exceptional expertise in the field of surgical oncology.

Having successfully treated over 20,000 cancer patients, Dr. Sumit Shah stands as a prominent figure in the field of oncology. His expertise extends to performing minimal access (keyhole) surgery, which ensures a smoother and less painful recovery for his patients. Dr. Shah’s mission is to provide the best possible treatment to improve patient’s quality of life while approaching cancer with compassion and care. His dedication to changing perceptions about cancer reflects his commitment to transforming lives.

With numerous cancer centers in India offering comprehensive treatment for patients from around the globe, there are ample options available to cater to diverse cancer care needs

cancer surgeon in pune

Dr. Sumit Shah

DNB(Gen. Surgery), DNB(Surgical Oncology)

Fellowship in Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery

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What Causes Cancer?

 Smoking Or Tobacco chewing likely to develop cancer of the Lung, Mouth, Throat, Esophagus, Bladder, And Pancreas. Smoking causes about a quarter of all cancers. Also exposure to chemicals like Asbestos, Benzene, Formaldehyde, etc increases the risk of developing cancer like urinary bladder cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer. 

What are the early symptoms of cancer?

Common symptoms of any type of cancer include unexpected fevers, unexplained weight loss, lumps, etc. If the symptoms persist for more than a week, visit your healthcare provider. If cancer is suspected, you will be advised to do cancer diagnosis tests. It is followed by a screening and cancer treatment plan, which is again customized for each patient depending on the stage of cancer and other medical conditions. 

How do I know what type of cancer I have?

Based on symptoms, your cancer specialist can perform cancer diagnostic tests that can include pathological, cytological, or radiological examinations. If the cancer is confirmed, the cancer specialist determines the stage of cancer to get an idea about the malignancy’s extent and spread.

When should I see a cancer specialist?

Your doctor or physician may carry out tests to determine whether you have cancer or not. If your healthcare provider suspects that you have cancer, you’ll likely be referred to a cancer specialist.

What are the cancer treatment options available?

Treatment of cancer varies based on several factors like the type of cancer and the stage of cancer. Usually, cancer treatment options include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc. At a Pro-life cancer center, we use a multidisciplinary approach, where an integrated team of cancer specialists decides your cancer treatment.

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Patil Patil
Patil Patil
Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute is one of the best hospitals for cancer treatment in Pune. I visited Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute during June 2022 since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. We first consulted Dr. Sumit Shah. After reviewing the reports, he suggested Surgery and by Chemotherapy followed treatment. I am very thankful to Dr. Sumit Shah since he helped us in each and every aspect during the entire course of treatment. He is a great doctor and more than that a very good human being. No words would be enough for us to thank him. I would also like to thank Dr. Sumit Shah for successfully operating my mother. Dr. Sumit Shah has given new life to my mother and happiness to our family.
Anant Ghule
Anant Ghule
Me Mr.Anant Ghule age 50 yrs, Life does not stop because of cancer, I realized after Dr. Sumit Shah of Prolife Cancer Center Hospital spoke, Sumit Shah explained that if we have patience and determination we can overcome cancer. my diagnosed oral cancer and met Dr. Sumit Shah Sir, treatment for oral cancer in the hospital and now is living a normal life. I truly thank Dr. Sumit Shah and his staff at Prolife Cancer Center & Research Institute.
Suresh Patil
Suresh Patil
Prolife Cancer Center & Research Institute Dr. Sumit Shah is one of the best doctors I have ever met.He is not only very knowledgeable but also very humble and polite.He also gave his personal contact number and was always available whenever we needed him. He also gives proper attention to each and every patient.I feel blessed to have met a doctor like him. Thank you so much sir for all your help and support.
Arifa Khan
Arifa Khan
The profession of doctor comes with a big responsibilities. Dr Sumeet did a great job with my first ever health examination. He explained to me in a very clear manner. My critical surgery was carried out very smoothly. The staff members were also helpful and kind. I am so glad I chose Dr Sumit for my treatment and would highly recommend to anyone.
We visited Dr Sumit to consult about a mole that was on my daughter's knee. We were scared as the first doctor we consulted had informed as it was squamous carcinoma. But Dr Sumit assured us that it was nothing much to worry about and explained us everything. The way he explained made us feel at ease and the surgery also went very smoothly. We will surely recommend him as he is one of the best doctor in this field.
Koustubh Kulkarni
Koustubh Kulkarni
We are highly thankful to Doctor Shah and his entire team for the way out , efforts and care that they have taken for my father. My father suffered a condition of Oral cancer which involved a maxillofacial operative treatment. But thanks to god for having Doctor Shah sir for our aide. The entire facility and up system have been on the toes to take care of rhe patient and I observed it about all other contemporary patients as well. Also, the entire journey of physical, psychological healing was taken and lead by Doctor shah sir as a friend philosopher and guide. I firstly pray that nobody faces such a condition as we did. But if so with someone, me and my family suggests the name of Prolife Cancer Centre’s team and Doctor Shah
Doctor Sumit Shah is a wonderful doctor and human being. I brought my mother to him for treatment and he has dealt the problem in the most effective manner. He and his team at his hospital have supported and helped my mother to improve a lot. I thank doctor Sumit and his hospital staff for this tremendous support .
Snehdeep Jadhav
Snehdeep Jadhav
Hi, I am Snehdeep I have took my mother to Prolife in last week. Last week she had biopsy and Dr.Sumit Sir started her treatment from first day. From last week to this week she has improved her intake and seems energetic comparatively. I m very glad to come here for her treatment. She feels very positive while getting treatment From Dr. Sumit Sir. Staff of hospital is very attentive and responsible from Assistant Dr. to Helpers.Thanking you for Dr.Sumit shah and your entire team

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