How Corona virus can affect Cancer Patients Health

How Corona virus can affect Cancer Patients Health

Corona viruses affect cancer patients health, are a range of infections that have given rise to a new type called the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It affects respiratory functions giving rise to symptoms such as fever, chills, sore throat, loss of taste and smell, etc.

Why are Cancer Patients prone to Corona virus?

A crucial and advantageous position for Corona virus infection is the weak immune system, common in cancer patients. Ongoing treatments like Chemotherapy and patients taking immunosuppressant fall among immune compromised patients. In such cases, the white blood cells become staggeringly low or don’t function well enough to fight infection.

Most patients with leukaemia, lymphoma and advanced cancer stage require chemotherapy on an urgent basis. This makes them prone to a prolonged infection compared to patients affected with tumours. It happens because blood cancer patients often observe abnormal or decrease in immune cell levels.

How does Corona virus weaken the immune system?

The production of antibodies required to fight against the viruses lessens. This creates an atmosphere of immunodeficiency and makes them critical towards Covid-19 infection. Maximum risk holders in these cases are the children and old aged patients.

Does it affect patients with transplantations?

Patients who had stem cell transplantation might show a susceptible risk of complications in case of infection. This stands for those who are considered to be immune compromised after undergoing the treatment. Also, it might be applicable for other transplants as well, depending upon their immunity.

How do pandemics affect cancer patients?

Before the pandemic, the patients were kept in close observation to avoid any infection. But with the coming of the virus, the possibility of getting infected has raised.

What are other possible problems for Covid affected cancer patients?

In addition to all these, it might be perilous for patients with additional health issues, older age, etc. Other problems include side effects from both cancer and Corona virus psychological distress.

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