How Do Doctors Analyse Mouth Ulcers In Patients Suspected Of Oral Cancer?

Mouth cancer treatment in Pune

Also known as mouth cancer, oral cancer is constituted chiefly as a growth in a part of the mouth that does not go away after a due amount of time and causes limitations in carrying out everyday activities.

It can affect any part of the mouth, including but not limited to the lips, floor of mouth, tongue, cheeks, the palate, both hard and soft, throat, and sinuses. Like any other form of cancer, it can be life-threatening and is often fatal if not diagnosed and treated early.

Statistics hold that men are twice at risk of developing oral cancer than women, and those over 50 pose the highest risk. Some of the risk factors include tobacco use, genetics, excessive exposure to the sun, excessive use of alcohol, contracting the HPV virus, and following an unhealthy diet.

There are many symptoms the most common of them are mouth ulcers. However, mouth ulcers do not always mean a predisposition to oral cancers, confusing diagnosing oral cancer with precision. To arrive at accurate diagnosis results and aid prevention, doctors look at and analyze several factors. These include:

  • An oncologist usually conducts a physical exam to look for symptoms of leukoplakia in the throat.
  • Biopsy, or removing tissue to acquire accurate results, is another advanced and empirically supported diagnosis system for oral cancer.
  • Imaging tests, including PET, CT scans, MRI scans, and X-rays, are also efficient for diagnosing oral cancer.

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