How To Reduce The Risk Of Developing Esophageal Cancer?

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Cancer of the esophagus, commonly known as the food pipe that affects the tube that directly runs from our throat to the stomach, is known as Esophageal cancer. It is relatively difficult to diagnose and is rare in the oncology world. While the diagnosis can be difficult and the recovery rate is not too bright, one can move towards a healthier approach to reducing the developing predisposing and risk factors to esophageal cancer with the proper steps. Here are a few ways that can be helpful:

Tobacco and alcohol use singularly contribute to the development of it, These are counted as risky behaviors and should be ditched immediately. If they are combined, the risk increases multiple times.

While there should be no excuse for following a healthy lifestyle since it contributes to overall health development, it can also help reduce the risk factors of esophageal cancer. Therefore, consume all fruits and vegetables and focus on getting adequate fiber and protein for a healthy lifestyle.

Receiving treatment that includes Chemoprevention with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can also be a helpful way to reduce the risk factors.

Some factors that contribute significantly to the development of esophageal cancer include gastric reflux, consuming tobacco and alcohol regularly, overconsumption of refined flour and sugar, and being overweight.

The vulnerability of developing esophageal cancer rises with an increase in age, and it is more prevalent in men than women.

The prolife cancer clinic and research institute constitute a team of well-experienced and professional medical practitioners that promote this disease’s early detection and treatment. In addition, they adopt a more holistic approach to consider various factors that cause and contribute to it.

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