HPV Vaccines to Prevent Cervical Cancer

HPV has various strains that spread through sexual contact. This leads to cervical cancer. Gardasil 9 is a vaccine of HPV approved by the US Drug and Food Administration. Both boys and girls can take this vaccine.

This vaccine can prevent cervical cancer if women have it before they come into exposure to the virus. It can even prevent vulva and vagina cancer. This vaccine can even guard your body against cancers in your neck, head, and mouth, as well as against genital warts. In theory, if boys get the vaccine, they can prevent its transmission to girls by decreasing the chances of transmission.

Who must take the HPV vaccine, and when it should be given?

The CDC recommends that boys and girls between the ages eleven and twelve can have the HPV vaccine. Even people can have it as early as nine years of age. It is important for boys and girls to get the vaccine before they come into sexual contact.

Once someone gets infected with HPV, the vaccine may not be effective. The response to the HPV vaccine is better when one is at a younger age than at an older age.

All eleven and twelve years old need two doses of the vaccine. Young adolescents between the age of nine of ten and teenagers between thirteen and fourteen can have two dosages.  These two dosages will be effective for children who are below fifteen years of age.

Gardasil 9 is suitable for females and males between nine to forty five years of age. If you are between twenty seven and forty five, you need to discuss with your doctor if you need the HPV vaccine.


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