Innovative Way of Celebrating World Cancer Day 2023

World Cancer Day

4th Feb is world cancer day celebrated all over the world to create awareness about cancer.

This year Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute of Pune celebrated it in an innovative way. this day is celebrated with more than 100  cancer survivors and the chief guest for the event was also a  breast cancer survivor, Mrs. Kusum Kulkarni.

Mr. Shreenath Bhimale ( member of PMC and past chairman standing committee) And Mr. Pravin chorbele and  Mr. Vasant more members of PMC were guests of honor.

Mr. Shreenath bhimale Mr. Pravin chorbele







Dhanwantari Poojan was done by Mr. Bhimale and the chief guest.

Mr. Shreenath bhimale doing Dhanvantri Poojan







Dr.Neha shah MD of prolife did an introductory speech followed by many cancer survivors who spoke about their journey, majority of them are more than 5 years doing well some more than 10 years and doing well.

All the cancer survivors were felicitated for winning this war with certificates mentioning real warriors.

Cancer Survivors of Prolife Cancer Centre







Dr.Reema Menon( breast cancer survivor): “you, I, and all can win over cancer”

Dr. Reema Menon







Mrs. Kusum Kulkarni( breast cancer survivor): do not waste time if you have any symptoms of cancer.

Mrs. Kusum Kulkarni (breast cancer survivor)







Mrs. Riya Gandhi cancer survivor addressed the crowd.

Mrs. Riya Gandhi

Anant Ghule (Oral Cancer Survivor): Enjoying a cancer-free life is a rebirth
Sachin Nalavde (10-year oral cancer survivor): Life is beautiful I need to listen to my body.

Dr.Sumit Shah cancer surgeon did a vote of thanks.

Dr.Sumit Shah; Our aim is to close the gap in care and deliver equitable treatment to all our cancer patients and create hope in their life.

Team of Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute

Team Prolife Cancer Centre