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Dr. Sumit Shah - Laparoscopic Cancer Surgeon in Pune

Advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery

– reduction in bleeding during the surgery as the incision size is much smaller compared to the large incision made during the open surgery. With this small incision the probability of blood transfusion is reduced.

– in this surgery, small incision size helps to reduce the pain and bleeding risk of the patient. Usually whenever a large incision is being made, the patient needs long period of pain relief medication with which the stitch line made gets healed. With the introduction of Laparoscopic Surgery, the wound which is smaller gets healed instantly and is less painful.

– The smaller incision can lead to small scar compared to the larger incision. If suppose the wound is large, the scar tissue which gets formed can become infected and more susceptible to herniation, especially in overweight and obese patients.

– Exposure of the internal organs to any external contaminants would get eventually reduced due to Laparoscopic surgery and thus this surgery helps a lot to reduce the risk of post operative infection.

– Hospital stay period becomes shorter when a Laparoscopic surgery is carried out on a patient as the healing process is faster.  Most of the patients who receive such surgery gets discharged either the same day or the very next day. Moreover, they can return back to thier normal daily lives.

Why choose Prolife Cancer Center for this surgery?

Any kind of cancer can be a challenging disease for a person. Prolife Cancer Center is the Best Cancer Hospital situated in Pune. The patients can enjoy a better quality of life and can trust this hospital for thier proper care and unique facilities provided. The hospital promises thier patient proper and best care with Laparoscopic surgery as well.

The Vision of Prolife Cancer Hospital is to provide comprehensive cancer treatment for all. Thier Mission is to completely eradicate the fear that the patients have with cancer. They make them realize that cancer can be treated and it’s curable too.