The Benefits and Harms of Breast Cancer Screening

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At present huge numbers of women are suffering from breast cancer worldwide. The statistics are getting raised every year. Keeping in the augmentation in the number of breast cancer, doctors suggest breast cancer screening to check the existence of cancer in women. 

Breast cancer screening is the process of checking the existence of cancer cells in the breast in women. Many have the misconception that this screening will cure them of breast cancer, but it is not true. The screening process will not prevent women from breast cancer but will help to detect the existence of breast cancer. 



Women can consult Dr. Sumit Shah whois the breast cancer Specialist in Pune, to get the best result. This screening process has several benefits. The screening process will help in detecting the signs of breast cancer. Once these symptoms and signs are detected, it becomes easy to get cured of this disease. 

As per experts, a screening process like Mammogram will help to reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer. Hence, early detection will cost less, and there is a high chance of a positive outcome. Besides mammograms, doctors will also suggest other tests like ultrasound and biopsy. As per research, it has been noticed that women having regular mammograms, almost 25%, have less chance of dying from breast cancer. 


Limitations of breast cancer screening

Besides loads of advantages, a mammogram cannot always detect all cancer symptoms. Sometimes Mammogram also detects some cancer symptoms which do not the cancer screening process has loads of limitations. As per the breast cancer Surgeon in Puneturn into cancer. This is known as a False-positive outcome. 

Another probable limitation of a Mammogram is overdiagnosis. Here Mammogram finds some low-risk tumours that seem like breast cancer cells but are not harmful if left alone. Patients can consult with Dr Sumit Shah for the necessary breast cancer Treatment in Pune. 

About Dr. Sumit shah

Dr. Sumit Shah has treated thousands of patients suffering from Cancer. He is one of the few oncologists in Pune who perform Minimal Access (keyhole) Surgery to offer his patients a smooth & pain-free recovery from Cancer. He is a highly experienced Oncologist in Pune with 14 years of expertise in surgical oncology. He is the Founder of Prolife Cancer Centre and is the Chief Consultant, Surgical Oncologist & Laparoscopic Cancer Surgeon in Pune.

Having pursued a super specialty course at the Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Res. Institute, Kolkata, and being awarded as the Best Outgoing Cancer Surgeon from his Institute, Dr. Shah is one of the Best Surgical Oncologist in Pune, India who possesses this recognized degree in Surgical Oncology.