Types of Oncologist and Services

Types of Oncologist and services

Types of Oncologist and services

Doctors specialising in cancer diagnosis and treatment are called Oncologists. Oncologists undergo intense training to become skilled professionals. They have expertise in providing required treatments, palliative care, and psychological well-being to cancer patients.

Types of Oncologists and their services

Majorly, they are divided into three categories:

Medical oncologists

A patient diagnosed with cancer is initially referred to a medical oncologist. They guide them through an understanding of their cancer. Following this, they also prescribe needed treatments and schedule regular check-ups even after discharge.

They also coordinate with other health officials treating the patient. Primarily, they treat cancer using Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

Radiation oncologists

Therapies using radiation are significant for curing or reducing cancerous symptoms. It entails a deft hand to situate the cancerous site and control high radiation energy in this treatment. Radiation oncologists master this domain with prowess.

Surgical oncologists

They look into surgeries involving tumour removals, tissue operations, biopsies to detect cancer, etc. Surgical oncologists can determine the cancer stage, and whether it needs critical surgery or not. Furthermore, they discuss surgical procedures, possible side effects, post-surgery issues, etc., with the patient.

Additional subcategories comprise:

Geratric oncologists

These oncologists treat older cancer patients.

Gynecologic oncologists

They are devoted to the cure of cancerous female reproductive organs.


They manoeuvre in blood cancers such as leukaemia, lymphoma, etc.


They treat cancers in the nervous system, brain, and spine.

Paediatric oncologists

They excel in cancer-affected children and teens.

Thoracic oncologists

They are assigned to treat cancer in the chest area, generally covering the lungs and oesophagus.

Urologic oncologists

These doctors are dedicated to cancers in the urinary system and male reproductive organs.


The list can extend depending upon their specific specialities. It is necessary to figure out the types of oncologists and services and their treatment by consulting the respective oncologist. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Pune, for further information.

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Dr. Sumit Shah has treated more than 20000 cancer patients. He is one of the few cancer specialists who perform Minimal Access (keyhole) Surgery to offer his patients a smooth & pain-free recovery from Cancer.