Early warning signs of colon cancer that you should not ignore

colon cancer treatment

Colon cancer is the cancer of the colon which begins with the development of pre-cancerous polyps from the lining of the colon. The incidence of colorectal cancer in India is lower than that in the western countries, and it is the seventh leading cancer in India. Like other cancer, the person diagnosed with colon cancer can be recovered if it is diagnosed in early state. Regular colonoscopies and colon cancer screenings should be done to catch them. But it is equally important to recognize the signs and symptoms of colon cancer as it can a lifesaver.

The signs of colon cancer that you should not ignore are:

1. Weight loss without any reason:

Weight loss is the most common symptom of all cancers. If you are facing weight loss without taking any efforts for it, then you should not ignore it. Consult with nearest doctor. In colon cancer, weight may occur in many ways. It can affect the bowel systems by blocking the colon, it can change the way the food is converted into energy, or it can use up a lot of body’s energy.

2. Weakness and Fatigue

Weakness and fatigue are also one of the major symptoms of colon cancer. If you are feeling weakness even after taking rest, it can be sign of colon cancer. Don’t ignore it and do check up with cancer doctor.

3. Bloody stools

One of the prominent sign of colon cancer is blood in stool. If the stool is dark, it may be sign of dried blood. Consult with cancer specialist and get diagnosed for cancer symptoms.

4. Abdominal cramps

Abdominal pain is observed in irritable bowel syndrome, haemorrhoids also. But if the pain is severe and does not go away easily can be a sign of colon cancer. You should not ignore severe abdominal pain and consult with cancer specialist near you. He may perform certain tests to detect cancer symptoms.

5. Changed Bowel Habits

Changed bowel habits is also sign of colon cancer. If your stool is becoming thinner or there is change in frequency of bowel movements, consult with cancer doctor nearest you.

Remember, having above symptoms does not mean you are having cancer. If you observe these signs consult with best cancer specialist near you. He will diagnose the symptoms and will further advise you. If cancer is detected in early stage, it can be cured completely. But most of the time people ignore these symptoms and therefore cancer spreads in nearby areas. In this stage it is difficult to remove cancer completely.

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