What Are Signs & Symptoms Of Bile Duct Cancer

Bile Duct Cancer Treatment in Pune

Human bodies consist of thin tubes that connect the liver and the small intestine. These tubes allow bile to transfer from the liver to the small intestine via the Gallbladder. The fluid helps in the proper digestion of food.

Key points bile duct

  • It is a rare disease, and here, the malignant cells transform into the bile duct.
  • Individuals suffering from certain liver diseases can enhance the risk of the bile duct.
  • Once people suffer from any sign relating to bile duct cancer, they need to examine nearby organs so that the status of the cancer can get diagnosed.
  • A sample tissue can be used to diagnose bile duct cancer.

Signs and symptoms of bile duct

Normally, It does not come with any signs or symptoms unless it reaches a later stage. However, there are some cases where it reveals some early signs and symptoms.

  • Jaundice

Sometimes, people may face the skin, and white parts of the eyes turn yellow. One can find paler poo than normal and yellowish pee. Itchy skin is also another symptom of bile duct cancer.

  • Loss of appetite

People face is loss of appetite. People also may find that they are losing weight without any effort.

  • Abdominal pain

Patients can feel pain in the abdomen. In general, the bile duct seldom causes belly pain, but in the case of large tumours, patients can suffer from belly pain.

  • Feeling tired

They will feel tired or have a loss of energy.

  • Fever

Sometimes, people may face fever and high temperatures.


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