What Can I do to Reduce My Risk of Cervical Cancer?

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The best thing that you can do to prevent your risk of having cervical cancer is to get an HPV vaccine. Cervical cancer affects women who are younger. Hence, we have listed all of the things that you need to do to reduce your risk of cervical cancer.

What can I do to reduce my risk of cervical cancer?

  • HPV vaccine

The HPV vaccine protects you against HPV that is responsible for vulvar, vaginal, and cervical cancers.

  1. It is recommended for pre-teenagers aged between eleven and twelve years, but girls who are as young as nine can have it.
  2. Women who are around twenty-six years of age and have not been vaccinated must take the vaccine.
  3. People who are above twenty-seven years old and did not take the vaccine can consult with their doctor if they want to take the vaccine. You can also discuss the advantages of getting the vaccination. In addition, your doctor will tell you about the risk of new infections.
  • Screening tests

There are two types of screening tests that can help you reduce the risk of cervical cancer-

  1. The Pap Smear or the Pap test searches for precancerous cell changes on your cervix that can turn into cervical cancer if you do not get treated properly.
  2. The HPV test finds the HPV that is responsible for changes in the cells.
  • Do not smoke

Smoking can increase your risk of having cancer.

  • Practice safe sex

Using a condom and practicing safe sex is important because it cuts down your risk of having cervical cancer.

  • Limit sexual partners

When you limit sexual partners, you reduce your chances of transmission of HPV.


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