What causes liver cancer?

liver Cancer Treatment in Pune

At present, suffering from liver cancer is a much-talked topic. As per the research 2022 American Cancer Society, 41260 new patients are suffering from this cancer. Like other cancer, cancer cells develop in the liver and cause cancer.

Types of liver cancer

Varied cells in the liver can develop different types of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. While cancer develops in the liver, it is known as primary cancer in the liver. This primary cancer can also be of different types like- HCC or Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Bile Duct cancer, Angiosarcoma, and hemangiosarcoma.

Secondary cancer that arises in the liver is popular as Metastatic cancer. Sometimes, these cancer cells spread to other body parts like the pancreas, lungs, colon, etc, and it becomes metastatic cancer. People need to consult a liver cancer specialist in Pune at the primary to get the best treatment.

What are the probable causes?

 The prime reason for developing cancer is the alteration in the cells in the DNA. DNA instructs the cells for chemical progression in the human body. When a mutation occurs in the DNA, the cells become out of control and start growing rapidly.

Besides those above, consumption of heavy alcohol, excessive smoking, obesity, and hepatitis can cause this cancer.

Signs and symptoms

Many times, individuals don’t understand that they have cancer. But the experts of a liver cancer center in Pune mention that all need to check the signs below to understand whether anyone is suffering from cancerous cells.

  • Sudden loss of weight, loss of appetite
  • Pain in the upper abdomen and swelling
  • Suffering from nausea and vomiting
  • Discoloration of skin
  • Suffering from weakness and fatigue without much hard work

Depending on the symptoms and diagnosis, doctors will recommend whether the patient requires liver cancer Surgery in Pune. Patients can consult with Dr.Sumit Shah of the Prolife cancer centre in Pune for the best treatment.

About Dr. Sumit shah

Dr. Sumit Shah has treated thousands of patients suffering from Cancer. He is one of the few oncologists in Pune who perform Minimal Access (keyhole) Surgery to offer his patients a smooth & pain-free recovery from Cancer. He is a highly experienced Oncologist in Pune with 14 years of expertise in surgical oncology. He is the Founder of Prolife Cancer Centre and is the Chief Consultant, Surgical Oncologist & Laparoscopic Cancer Surgeon in Pune.

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