What Is Testicular Cancer and Types

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Like other cancers, Testicular Cancer is also a much-talked topic in recent times. This cancer develops in the testicles of men and it is not a common cancer type. Men can have this cancer at any age between 15-45.

Types of cancers in the testicles

Two types of cancers develop in the Testicles- Seminoma and Nonseminoma. Seminoma cancer develops slower than nonseminoma cancer. Seminoma cancer is also known as classical seminomas and spermatocytic seminomas.

As per research, more than 95% of testicle cancers are seminomas. Men between 25 to 45 years of age suffer from classical seminoma cancer. Patients suffering from testicle cancer should consult a Testicular Cancer specialist in Pune. 

Another type of seminoma cancer is spermatocytic seminoma. This cancer can occur in men above 65 years. This cancer grows very slowly and is less expected to spread to other body parts.

Another type of testicle cancer is nonseminomas. This cancer is of 4 types-

  • Teratoma
  • yolk sac carcinoma
  • choriocarcinoma
  • carcinoma

Signs and symptoms 

Men are hardly aware of the signs and symptoms of testicle cancer. All can read below the probable symptoms of Testicle cancer.

  • Men will notice a lump or puffiness in any of the testicles.
  • Men can feel heaviness in the scrotum.
  • Patients will suffer from a dull ache in their abdomen.
  • Back pain can be another sign of Testicle cancer. So, whenever men feel those signs, they must consult with the experts of the Testicular Cancer center in Pune. 

Is surgery necessary for Testicular Cancer?

Doctors recommend surgery for this cancer as it is the prime treatment option. Orchiectomy is performed to diagnose early-stage as well as later-stage cancer. Another surgical treatment is TSS. As per this treatment, only the tumor issues are removed despite the entire testis. People can consult with Dr.Sumit Shah for the best Testicular Cancer Surgery in Pune.

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