What precautions Prolife Cancer Centre is taking for our patients to protect them from COVID-19

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At Prolife Cancer Center, we take all the possible precautions for our patients, staff and visitors to protect them from COVID-19 from the beginning of pandemic COVID-19. Cancer patients are usually at more risk of getting infected to such infection as their immunity system is weakned due to cancer treatment. Therefore at our cancer hospital, we take atmost care for our patients when they visit our hospital.

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Precautions Prolife Cancer Centre is taking for our patients to protect them from COVID-19

  1. COVID-19 testing for patients:

We are testing all patients for COVID-19. Specially for patients going for •    procedures that generate respiratory aerosols, involve the mucous membranes, or induce significant coughing, such as a lung biopsy.

Also, for patients whose household member is infected with coronavirus.

  1. Face masks are compulsory for everyone entering to the hospital.
  2. Everyone is screened for COVID – 19 symptoms when enters to our cancer hospital. This screening includes a temperature check. If he is suspected infectious, immediately sent for swab testing.
  3. Only limited visitors are allowed.

To avoid crowd, Prolife Cancer Center currently allow only limited visitors at this time. Only child patients or patient which is unable to consent themselves are allowed their care teams. We do understand the role of caregivers for cancer patients. But cancer patients are at more risk of coronavirus and therefore we request caregivers to not visit regularly for their health and safety. We care best for our patients. And allow visitors in emergency.

  1. Social distancing is well maintained.

We ask our patients and employees to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet at all times while moving in hospital, including when they are entering our buildings for screening. Only during conducting tests and treatment, social distance is not maintained like blood draws, physical exams, procedures and imaging, such as CT scans and MRIs

  1. Special care for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 in a separate area. 

If the patient is suspected or confirmed with COVID – 19, diagnoses is conducted in separate area, which separates them from other inpatients and has its own care team. If possible, cancer treatment is delayed until he recovers from COVID – 19.

  1. We schedule virtual visits for our patients to reduce travelling.

Most of the time, we try to provide online consultation so that patient can get care without leaving home. Only for the treatment like chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery patient is called to the hospital.

Prolife Cancer Center, continue to provide services  24*7 during pandemic COVID – 19 also. We are ready to respond in the event of a sustained increase in COVID-19 cases. We care for our patients and try to provide best treatment in best possible way considering the need of patient. It is best known cancer hospital in Pune.