Why Do Cancer Patients Cut Their Hair?

Why Do Cancer Patients Cut Their Hair?

According to Dr. Sumit, Why Do Cancer Patients Cut Their Hair? In nature, hair goes through a growth cycle. There is a similarity between the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Hair follicles may be destroyed by radiation at greater levels, resulting in permanent baldness in the higher dosage region.

Hair loss is a side effect of several cancer treatments, not the illness itself. Chemotherapy may have adverse effects in three areas because it destroys quickly developing cells.

Low blood cell counts & an elevated risk of infection occur from the damage to bone marrow, which usually regenerates fast.

Patients undergoing chemo typically have mouth sores and diarrhoea because the mouth and digestive system are sites with a high cell turnover rate. Finally, hair follicles especially those on a patient’s head, are also impacted.

What Is the Reason for Chemotherapy-induced Hair Loss?

When chemotherapy causes hair loss, it affects the cellular level. All fast-dividing cells may be targeted by chemotherapy. Many cells in the hair follicle regularly divide to promote new hair growth, making it susceptible to therapy.

Do You Experience Hair Loss After Chemotherapy?

It is typical for hair loss to begin within a few weeks after starting therapy, & it usually progresses throughout one to two months.

It is usual for hair to return to a patient’s head after chemotherapy, although it may have a different texture or colour than before. A small percentage of patients may not re-grow their hair.

Is it Possible to Prevent Hair Loss?

It’s possible for an oncologist to devise an alternate treatment plan that is less likely to result in significant hair loss. It’s usually a good idea to discuss your preferences with your oncologist before deciding between treatment options, even if they have lesser effectiveness and different side effects.

Conclusion for Why Do Cancer Patients Cut Their Hair?

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