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Best way to prevent colon cancer | Prolife Cancer Centre

At present, men and women huge numbers of men and women are suffering from colon cancer. As per research, almost 4.4% of men and 4.1% of women suffer from this disease. This cancer develops in the large intestine. Here polyps grow inside the inner lying of the colon. While colon cancer develops, the inner lining of the colon and rectum will develop. Here are some tips to prevent Colon Cancer for Patients suffering from colon cancer

Doctors and scientists are still unaware of the right cause of colon cancer. There may be certain medical factors that are responsible for colon cancer. As per the Colon cancer Specialist in Pune, lifestyle also matters a lot in the development of colon cancer.

Excess smoking, consumption of alcohol, obesity, etc., are responsible for colon cancer. People who are not involved in self-activity can suffer from this cancer. Besides, some medical factors like inflammatory bowel disease, family history, etc, are some causes of colon cancer.

How to prevent it?

Patients suffering from colon cancer all need to consult a Colon cancer Surgeon in Pune. Individuals who want to know about probable preventive measures can check the following areas.

  • Proper screening- screening is the best process to detect whether you are suffering from colon cancer or not. Experts suggest that people 45 years of age should undergo the cancer screening process.
  • Regular exercise- Obesity is another prominent cause of this cancer. People mainly suffer from obesity due to lifestyle problems and not being involved in physical activity. Here experts suggest that one should exercise for at least 45 minutes daily to stay healthy.
  • Diet control- Individuals must also maintain a balanced diet to avoid colon cancer. Red meats like beef, pork, and lamb should be avoided to stay protected from cancer in the colon.
  • No smoking- If one can follow “ No smoking” guidelines, staying away from colon cancer is easy.

People can consult with Dr.Sumit Shah for more Tips to prevent Colon Cancer and to take the best Colon cancer Treatment in Pune at an affordable price.

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