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Why choose Prolife Cancer Centre?

Cancer is a challenging disease. Even one type of cancer in different stages behaves differently in different patients. So each and every patient needs an evidence-based personalized care plan with a holistic approach.

Prolife Cancer Centre is renowned Cancer Hospital in Pune.  We at Prolife deliver evidence based personalized care with compassion to each  patient who entrust us. Our aim is to eliminate fear of word Cancer and make people realize that cancer is completely curable disease.

We believe there is a better way to provide Cancer Care. We stick to our mission and core values to cure and provide a better quality of life for our patients. We are bound to deliver the best care to patient who trusts us.

At Prolife Cancer Centre, we provide most comprehensive and advanced treatment for all type of cancers. We stick to our mission and core values to cure and provide a better quality of life for our patients. We offer you best cancer treatment in Pune in a sophisticated infrastructure.

Our Uniqueness

Minimal Access Cancer Surgery

In Minimal Access Surgery, rather than making big incisions and entering the patient’s body cavity, a surgeon makes small holes of 0.5 to 1 cm in the patient’s abdomen or thorax, and then introduces a miniature telescope which shows magnified vision and further uses a stick-like instrument to perform the task. This procedure is known as a laparoscopy or a thoracoscopy. Depending on the organs that are being removed, the surgery is called thoracoscopic esophagectomy, laparoscopic colectomy and so on.
The benefits of this minimally invasive approach are both short term and long term. Immediate benefits are less postoperative pain, less requirement of analgesics, early ambulation of the patient, early bowel function, less risk of infection, and quicker recovery time. Long-term benefits include a lower risk of an incision hernia and no restriction in your day to day activities.

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Dr. Sumit Shah - Cancer Specialist in Pune

Dr. Sumit Shah is the Founder of Prolife Cancer Centre which provides most comprehensive and integrated Cancer Treatment under one roof. He is the Chief Consultant, Surgical Oncologist & Laparoscopic surgeon. He has pursued a super speciality course at the Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Res. Institute, Kolkata and being awarded as the Best Outgoing Cancer Surgeon from this Institute. Dr. Shah is one of the few Cancer Specialist in Pune who possess this recognized degree in Surgical Oncology.

Dr. Sumit Shah has treated more than 10000 cancer patients. He is one of the few cancer specialists who perform Minimal Access (keyhole) Surgery to offer his patients a smooth & pain-free recovery from Cancer.

As Dr. Sumit Shah quotes, “I aim to offer my patients the best possible treatment for a better quality of life. I want to treat with compassion and care and change the way people look at cancer.”

Our Values

  • Focus
  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Compassion
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Dr. Sumit Shah

DNB(Gen. Surgery), DNB(Surgical Oncology)

Fellowship in Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery

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