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At Prolife Cancer Centre, we provide most comprehensive and advanced treatment for breast cancer. We stick to our mission and core values to cure and provide a better quality of life for our patients. We offer you best breast cancer surgery services in Pune in a sophisticated infrastructure.  We at Prolife, provide complete care to our patients from early detection and prevention, better diagnostics and treatment options. Dr. Sumit Shah, breast surgeon, provides the best treatment for breast cancer in Pune. He constantly take efforts to serve breast cancer patients. He has vast experience in handling critical breast cancer cases.


At Prolife Cancer Centre our medical oncologist, radiation oncologistsurgical oncologist and reconstructive surgeon work together as a team to achieve the best possible outcome. They coordinate care and develop a comprehensive treatment plans that’s unique to each patient’s disease and their needs.

  • Breast Conservation Surgery
  • No need of Complete Removal of Breast
  • Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
  • Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction & Implant Surgery
  • Affordable Chemotherapy, Harmone Therapy & Targeted Therapy
Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune | Breast Cancer Specialist in Pune | Dr. Sumit Shah
Best cancer surgeon In Pune | Cancer Specialist in Pune | Dr. Sumit Shah

Dr. Sumit Shah – Breast Cancer Specialist in Pune

Dr. Sumit Shah, founder of Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute, is a distinguished Chief Consultant, Surgical Oncologist, and Laparoscopic surgeon. His exceptional expertise in surgical oncology is underlined by his recognition as the Best Outgoing Cancer Surgeon during his super-specialty course at the Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Res. Institute in Kolkata. This renowned cancer specialist in Pune offers comprehensive integrated breast cancer treatments at his state-of-the-art facility.

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Introduction to Breast Cancer

Breast cancer develops due to uncontrolled growth of cells in the breast. There are various types of breast cancer. It depends on area in which cells of breast turn into cancer.

In India, for every 2 women diagnosed newly with breast cancer, 1 woman dies. In India, it is the most common cancer in women and accounts for 14% of all cancers.

According to Globocan 2018 data

  • New cases registered: 1,62,468
  • Deaths: 87,090
    The incidence rates in India begin to rise in the early 30s and peak at ages 50-64 years.

On average, 1 in 28 women is likely to develop breast cancer.
In India, the percentage of developing breast cancer is higher in urban areas, 1 in 22 women is likely to develop breast cancer during her lifetime as compared to rural areas where 1 in 60 women develops breast cancer in her lifetime.

Breast cancer was the most common cancer in women being cities like Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, and Dibrugarh. The relative proportion of breast cancer in females varied from 14.4% in Guwahati to 30.3% in Mumbai.

It can begin in different parts of the breast. A breast is divided into 3 main parts:

  • Lobules – The lobules are the glands that produce milk.
  • Ducts – The ducts are tubes that carry milk to the nipple.
  • Connective tissue – The connective tissue (which consists of fibrous and fatty tissue) Surrounds and holds everything together.

Breast cancer occurs when some cells of the breast begin to grow abnormally. These cells divide more rapidly than healthy cells, do and continue to accumulate, forming a lump or mass. Cells may spread (metastasize) through your breast to your lymph nodes or to other parts of your body. Commonly, it begins with cells in the milk-producing ducts (invasive ductal carcinoma). Breast cancer may also begin in the glandular tissue called lobules (invasive lobular carcinoma) or in other cells or tissue within the breast.

Breast cancer can spread outside the breast through blood and lymph vessels. When breast cancer spreads to other parts of the body, it is said to have metastasized.

Types Of Breast Cancer

The most common kinds of breast cancer are –

  • Invasive ductal carcinoma – The cancer cells grow outside the ducts into other parts of the breast tissue. Invasive cancer cells can also spread, or metastasize, to other parts of the body.
  • Invasive lobular carcinoma – Cancer cells spread from the lobules to the breast tissues that are close by. These invasive cancer cells can also spread to other parts of the body.

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    Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

    Symptoms of breast cancer vary from person to person and there is no exact definition of what a lump or mass feels like. The best thing is to perform self-examination regularly and if you notice any changes, consult a doctor. However, breast cancer can be detected by mammograms before any symptoms appear.

    Some warning signs of breast cancer are

    • A breast lump or thickening that feels different from the surrounding tissue.
    • Thickening or swelling of part of the breast.
    • Irritation or dimpling of breast skin.
    • Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple and breast area.
    • Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood.
    • Change in the size, shape or appearance of a breast.
    • Changes to the skin over the breast, such as dimpling.
    • Peeling, scaling, crusting or flaking of the pigmented area of skin surrounding the nipple (areola) or breast skin.
    • Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange.

    Keep in mind that these symptoms can happen with other conditions that are not cancer.
    If you have any signs or symptoms that worry you then meet Dr. Sumit Shah who is one of the best Breast Cancer Surgeon in Pune.

    Risk factors for Breast Cancer:

    • Age: As women age, their breast cancer risk increases. Most breast cancers are diagnosed after age 50.
    • Family history: A woman’s odds of developing breast cancer increase if a parent, sibling or child has had the disease.
    • Early menstruation: Women who began menstruating before age 12 have a higher risk of developing breast cancer.
    • Women who have no full-term pregnancies or their first pregnancy after age 30 at a higher risk of breast cancer.
    • Previous breast cancer diagnosis: A woman who has had breast cancer once has a higher risk of developing a second cancer.
    • Previous radiation therapy to the chest in childhood or early adulthood increases the risk of developing breast cancer.
    • Obesity, particularly after menopause, increases a woman’s breast cancer risk.
    •  Dense breast tissue based on its appearance in a mammogram is a known risk factor for breast cancer.
    • Hormone replacement therapy after menopause (if taken for more than 5 years)
    • Consumption of contraceptive pills containing high amount of estrogen.
    • Varying menstrual cycle shorter or longer than the average 26-29 days.
    • Lumps in breast cancer.
    • First child after 30 yrs
    • Menopause after 55 yrs
    • High calorie diet intake
    • Moderate alcohol intake

    Diagnosis of Breast Cancer:

    Breast cancer surgeon in Pune

    For most patients, a diagnosis of breast cancer starts with an imaging test. It may be regular screening test such a yearly mammogram or can be prompted by a suspicious lump, redness or thickening of the breast skin. Diagnose your cancer at Prolife Cancer Centre Pune, Where you get world-class diagnosis treatment at very affordable cost.


    Most breast imaging is carried out with a mammogram or ultrasound. Occasionally, doctors will use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or other specialized examinations.


    If an unusual or suspicious mass or skin thickening is observed during imaging test, doctors tests sample tissue. In many cases, this biopsy is performed during the initial imaging exam in order to speed up the diagnosis. If in biopsy, cancerous tissue is detected, additional imaging and biopsies may be needed to determine the exact scope of the disease. It also tells whether the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes or other parts of the body.


    Our Surgeon perform additional analysis of the cancer cells themselves to determine the disease’s receptor subtype. By understanding the subtype, they can develop a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan.


    Breast exam: Doctor will examine breasts and lymph nodes in armpit, feeling for any lumps or other abnormalities.


      • Mammogram: A mammogram is an X-ray of the breast. Mammograms are commonly used for screening of breast cancer. If an abnormality is detected during mammogram, doctor may recommend a diagnostic mammogram to further evaluate that abnormality.


    • Breast ultrasound: Ultrasound may be used to determine whether a new breast lump is a solid mass or a fluid-filled cyst.

    Prognosis and follow up

    Breast Cancer Surgeon in Pune

    A prognosis is the doctor’s best estimate of how cancer will affect someone and how it will respond to treatment.


    Prognosis and survival depend on many factors. Only a doctor familiar with your medical history, the type, stage and characteristics of your cancer, the treatments are chosen and the response to treatment can put all of this information together with survival statistics to arrive at a prognosis.


    A prognostic factor is an aspect of cancer or a characteristic of the person that the doctor will consider when making a prognosis.


    A predictive factor influences how cancer will respond to a certain treatment. Prognostic and predictive factors both play a part in deciding on a treatment plan and a prognosis.


    Doctors use different prognostic and predictive factors for newly diagnosed and recurrent breast cancers.

    Treatment options for Breast Cancer at Prolife:

    Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune

    Radiation therapy treatments for breast cancer patients include:

    1. 3D conformal radiation therapy: This technique uses radiation beams that are shaped to the tumor’s dimension.
    2. Intensity-modulated radiation therapy: IMRT uses multiple beams of radiation with different intensities to deliver a precis, high dose of radiation to the tumor.
    3. Volumetric arc therapy: A type of IMRT, in VMAT therapy, the section of the machine that shoots out the beam of radiation rotates around the patient in an arc. This can irradiate the tumor more precisely and shorten procedure times.
    4. Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: A form of brachytherapy, APBI uses radioactive pellets or seeds to kill cancer cells that may remain after a lumpectomy.
    5. Stereotactic body radiation surgery: SBRT administers very high doses of radiation, using several beams of various intensities aimed at different angles to precisely target the tumor.
    6. Stereotactic radiosurgery: Stereotactic radiosurgery most commonly used to treat breast cancer that has spread to the brain. Stereotactic radiosurgery uses dozens of tiny radiation beams to target tumors with a precise, high dose of radiation. Read more about stereotactic radiosurgery
    7. Proton therapy for breast cancer: Proton therapy delivers high radiation doses directly into the tumor, sparing nearby healthy tissue and vital organs. For many patients, this results in better cancer control with fewer side effects. Read more about proton therapy for breast cancer.
    8. Targeted therapy for breast cancer: This treatment stops or slows the growth of cancer by interfering with the genes or molecule that produces cancer cells. Cancer cells rely on specific molecules (often in the form of proteins) to survive, multiply and spread. Targeted therapies stop or slow the growth of cancer by interfering with, or targeting, these molecules or the genes that produce them.
    9. Breast cancer chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses powerful drugs to directly kill cancer cells, control their growth or relieve pain. It is often given to patients prior to surgery to shrink the tumor and simplify the procedure. Breast cancer patients can receive chemotherapy either orally or intravenously.

    Breast cancer surgery in Pune:

    Like all surgeries, breast cancer surgery is most successful when performed by a specialist with a great deal of experience in the particular procedure. At the start of treatment, care teams assess if the patient needs reconstructive surgery. If so, our breast cancer surgeons and reconstructive surgeons work together to plan procedures that minimize incisions and possible scarring. Their goal is to achieve the most effective surgery and the best possible cosmetic outcome and symmetry.

    Some patients will receive chemotherapy or targeted therapy prior to surgery. The goal of these treatments is to shrink the tumor and any involved lymph nodes in order to make the procedure and recovery as easy as possible for the patient. This also allows the treating team to assess how the cancer has responded to treatment, which can be important for some breast cancer subtypes.

    In some cases, both breasts are removed. This can help prevent the development of new breast cancer. It is typically done for patients are at high risk for developing breast cancer due to family history or their own genetic profile, such as a BRCA mutation.

    Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer in Pune:

    Radiation therapy uses powerful beams of energy carefully designed to kill breast cancer cells.

    At most hospitals, the radiation oncologist developing these treatments works on several different types of cancer. At Prolife Cancer Centre, radiation oncologists are dedicated exclusively to caring for patients with breast cancer. This gives them incredibly deep experience to draw from when designing treatment plans. In addition, each breast cancer radiation treatment plan is reviewed by every breast radiation oncology faculty member, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment.

    For breast cancer patients, radiation therapy can be used before surgery to shrink large tumors or after surgery in order to kill any remaining breast cancer cells that can’t be seen by the naked eye. It can also be used as a palliative treatment to reduce symptoms caused by cancer spreading to other parts of the body and improve the patient’s quality of life.

    At Prolife Cancer Centre, your care for breast cancer is personalized. Your cancer care team will interact closely and work together, and with you, to customize your care, including the most advanced therapies with the least impact on your body. Dr. Sumit Shah is the famous Breast Cancer Surgeon in Pune . If you have any query related breast cancer then contact our experts or visit our Best Cancer Hospital in Pune.

    Myth #1: Breast cancer is contagious

    Breast cancer occurs due to uncontrolled cell growth of mutated cells that begin to spread into other tissues within the breast. It is not contagious. It does not spread or transfer due to contact with person with this disease.

    Myth #2: If you find a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer

    8 out of 10 lumps are not cancer. Only few lumps turn out to be cancer. But if you notice any change in your breast tissue, don’t ignore it! Immediately consult breast cancer specialist for clinical breast exam.

    Myth #3: Breast cancer affects only women, men do not get breast cancer

    Quite the contrary, it is observed that, each year approximately 2,190 men are diagnosed with breast cancer out of 410 will die. Therefore, men should also undergo for a breast self-exam and reporting doctor if any changes to their breast are observed.

    Myth #4: If you have a family history of breast cancer, you are likely to develop breast cancer, too

    Women with family history of breast cancer are at a higher risk group. Statistically, about 5% to 10% of patients diagnosed with breast cancer have a family history of this disease.

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    taha ali
    taha ali
    Consulted Dr. Sumit Shah for Cancer of Sigmoid Colon. We consulted our family physician Dr. Murtaza Saifee as my mother was complaining of abdomen pain and bleeding in her stools. Dr. Saifee sent us for further investigations. After doing her PET Scan and Colonoscopy she was diagnosed with Carcinoma of Sigmoid Colon. Dr. Saifee then referred us to Dr. Sumit Shah at Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Pune for the further treatment. Dr. Shahs expertise and knowledge in the cancer field gave us the confidence to proceed further. Dr. Sumit Shah did her surgery laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy for sigmoid colon cancer and her surgery went well. Her recovery was also quite stable and quicker than we had imagined. Also it was early stage cancer so she didn’t require any chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The entire staff at Prolife Cancer Centre took great care of her and supported her in this journey. Thankyou to Dr. Shah and his team for all that they've done for her fast recovery.
    Azhar Mulla
    Azhar Mulla
    We visited a lot of hospitals and doctors for my father's treatment but continuously failed with his treatment. That's when we came across Dr. Sumit Shah through a through Google search. Visiting Dr. Shah at Prolife Centre and Research Institute was a blessing to us. Dr. Shah's expertise in this field and positive outlook towards the patient gave us confidence in the treatment of my fathers health. My father underwent the Whipple Surgery under Dr. Shah. The surgery was successful and since then his recovery has been smooth. My father's follow up has been regular and the entire staff takes good care of his health. We sincerely express our gratitude to Dr. Shah and the entire team at Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute for taking care of my father and helping us out in the challenging journey. Thankyou so much.
    Kartik Rathod
    Kartik Rathod
    Dr. Sumit Shah is a lifesaver in every sense of the word and undoubtedly the best pancreatic cancer surgeon in Pune. His exceptional surgical skills and deep understanding of pancreatic cancer turned a frightening diagnosis into a story of hope and recovery for me. Dr. Shah's attention to detail, commitment to patient well-being, and ability to navigate complex procedures are truly commendable. Thanks to him, I am now enjoying a second chance at life. I can't express my gratitude enough for Dr. Shah's expertise and care. If you're seeking the finest pancreatic cancer treatment in Pune, look no further than Dr. Sumit Shah.
    kiran sathe
    kiran sathe
    I can't thank Dr. Sumit Shah enough for his exceptional surgical skills and personalized care in pancreatic cancer treatment in Pune. Facing pancreatic cancer was daunting, but Dr. Shah's expertise put me at ease. He explained the entire treatment plan thoroughly, and the surgery he performed was a success. I highly recommend Dr. Shah, the leading Pancreatic Cancer doctor in Pune, to anyone seeking the best care for this challenging condition.
    Rangnath Pawar
    Rangnath Pawar
    Visited for pancreatic cancer My father was complaining of stomach ache in April of this year so we took him to a general physician but the pain did not subside. Then we went to an Gastroenterologist Dr. Lalit Shimpi. He investigated further. He told us to do an endoscopy and thats when we were told that he was suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. We also consulted Dr Varun Khandagale , gastroenterologist he also suggested the same. Coming from a small village Takleyali of Taluka Shirur, dist Ahamadnagar.Dr. Shimpi referred us to Dr. Sumit Shah and Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Gultekdi, Pune. We met Dr. Shah and he recommended us that we go for surgery as its the best fit for him. My father immediately underwent surgery for Carcinoma Pancreas which was done by Dr. Shah himself. Now, my father is undergoing chemotherapy at Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Gultekdi, Pune under guidance of Dr minish jain and dr shah. we continue to experience the same high level of care. We are confident that he is in the best possible hands as he fights this battle. I cannot thank Dr. Shah and the entire team enough for their expertise, professionalism, and genuine concern for their patients. Thank you all staff and doctors at prolife
    Wasim Shaikh
    Wasim Shaikh
    My brother had pain around his mouth so we consulted our family doctor. We were shocked to know that he was diagnosed with mouth Cancer after investigating further. Post diagnosis we were looking for an experienced oncologist in Pune and that's when our family doctor recommended that we come see Dr. Sumit Shah and talk about the further treatment and management. Our first impression on coming to Profile Cancer Centre and Research institute was quite good. We were all on edge on the day of our first consultation but Dr. Shah was very radiant and confident. He explained everything to us in detail and his positive attitude regarding the health of my brother pushed us to get him treated here. Right from the first day Dr. Shah's entire team took great care of my brother. He underwent surgery here at Prolife. The surgery went well and his recovery was very smooth and quicker than we expected. We really appreciate everything that Dr. Shah and his team did for my brother. Thank you so much to Dr. Shah for treating my brother with utmost care and making the whole journey an easy one for us.
    Ayyub Shaikh
    Ayyub Shaikh
    My wife had difficulty in swallowing a year back so I took the treatment of our family doctor. Her complaints were on and off but never went away. That's when our doctor investigated further and recommended us to Dr. Sumit Shah at Prolife Cancer Centre, Pune. The day we first came to meet Dr. Shah we were very scared and worried about her condition but Dr. Shah provided us the moral boost and explained to us the step by step treatment and the duration. I must say talking to Dr. Shah reduced our worries to tenfold. My wife has nodule in thyroid . She underwent surgery at prolife. Here recovery was very smooth with no change in voice . She started eating in the evening We are very happy and content to have come to him for the treatment. His patient connection and the positive attitude was a relief to me. The staff here was very cooperative and supportive. We are usually scared to go to a hospital but coming here and seeing the infrastructure and the hygiene of this hospital was a total relief to us. Everyone was so attentive and patient with us and I'm thankful to Dr. Shah and his team for taking such good care of my wife. I really appreciate the team of Prolife Centre and recommend every patient to not ignore their symptoms and directly contact Dr. Shah. Thank you so much.
    Sushma Pilane
    Sushma Pilane
    I had pain in my breast so my family doctor recommended me to Dr. Sumit Shah. Meeting him and seeing his positive attitude has given me relief. He guided me through my entire course of treatment. Talking to him has given me a positive outlook towards my symptoms. I would recommend everyone to consult Dr. Shah.

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