Breast Cancer Awareness

breast cancer awareness

Every woman should be aware of breast cancer and its early symptoms to live a healthy life in the long run. There are multiple women in India and other parts of the world who are completely ignorant of breast cancer symptoms, and naturally, they ignore the disease completely. Are you aware that thousands of women die due to breast cancer all over the world every year?

Nowadays, a group of people is trying their best to uplift women folks by apprising them about breast cancer and its fatalities. Not only this, but the month of October has also been declared as the breast cancer awareness month. People everywhere are conducting campaigns to raise awareness about breast cancer among young and adult women.

How are these campaigns helping women?

Many hospital groups are stepping forward to take part in this breast cancer awareness campaign. The hospitals are helping poor women and others with their mammography services. In the month of October, almost every hospital is arranging for a breast cancer awareness campaign, and many young people are volunteering there. These volunteers are willing to clear doubts of women regarding breast cancer and its symptoms. Let’s go through the breast cancer awareness campaign initiatives.

  • Rally for screening

This rally uses donations for screening every woman in the country for breast cancer. These mammograms are pretty expensive. So, cancer institutes and other hospitals and labs provide a significant discount. Rest is covered with the help of donations collected from people all over the year.

  • Rally for serving

This rally consists of a number of volunteers who reach out to every poor woman in the country and help them with the mammogram service. Mostly, these volunteers are women. Those who are diagnosed with breast cancer, the volunteers assist them with proper treatment and medicine so that they can survive this breast cancer.

  • Rally for supporting

This rally organized by healthcare institutions is actually for gathering support from people. This rally spread the word about breast cancer awareness all over social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They also share the recovery story of patients fighting the battle of breast cancer. Their stories inspire a lot of cancer patients around the world.

What is the importance of breast cancer awareness these days?

In India and other parts of the world, the mortality rate due to breast cancer is pretty high. One woman among every 38 women dies due to breast cancer every year. So, you can assume the fatality of this disease.  Every woman should have a basic awareness of breast cancer. Knowledge helps a lot in the early detection of cancer and its proper screening, thereby giving the patient a fair chance of survival. If a patient is diagnosed early with breast cancer, she can go for microsurgery and get rid of the cancerous cells.

Are there any early signs and symptoms of breast cancer?

If you are a woman, you must know how a normal and healthy breast should feel like. If you see any abnormality in the structure of your breast, it is time to get cautious. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should go for a quick mammogram or other clinical breast exams. These early symptoms of breast cancer are-

  • Lump in either of your breasts or a lump right below the armpit.
  • There can be a thickening part in your breast.
  • Inexplicable swelling in women’s breasts along with redness.
  • Breast skin irritation and constant itchiness.
  • Long-lasting breast pain in a particular spot.
  • There can be untimely nipple discharge as well.

What should the women do to diminish the risk of breast cancer?

  • You need to be careful about your weight if you want to reduce the chance of breast cancer. Watch your diet all the time and include physical activity in your daily routine. If you don’t gain any abrupt weight, you are safe.
  • To deter breast cancer, you must limit your alcohol consumption. Apart from alcohol, stop smoking as well.
  • Breastfeeding is pretty effective in keeping breast cancer at bay. This is a natural protection method against breast cancer.
  • Don’t go for post-menopausal hormone therapy. Such therapies can risk the chance of breast cancer.

The Breast cancer awareness campaign volunteers will ask the women to eat high fibre foods mainly. The common breast cancer-preventive diet includes legumes, bread, pasta, soy products, fruits, vegetables, and so on.

As mentioned earlier, many cancer institutes are coming forward to assist people with breast cancer and to aware people about these natural breast cancer preventive methods. If you are living in Pune and looking for a trustworthy doctor for breast screening. Please book an appointment for Dr. Sumit Shah. He is a renowned oncologist residing in Pune. Also, you can visit the Profile Cancer Center for a quick breast exam.