Different Types Of Radiation Therapy Used In Cancer Treatment

Different types of Radiation Therapy | Prolife Cancer Centre

Radiation therapy is often used to treat cancer. It targets cancer cells with high-powered X-rays and kills them with precise accuracy. Radiation causes DNA damage in cancer cells, which inhibits their ability to divide and spread. When a tumor is located near vital organs, four different types of Radiation therapy are often performed. Several kinds of cancer may be remedied with the help of Dr.Sumit Shah, one of the best radiologist in Pune:

One amongst the types of radiation therapy is the three-dimensional (3D) tumor scans used in 3D conformal radiation treatment (3DCRT) to ensure that radiation is delivered precisely where it is needed. Tiny metal leaves are fitted to match the tumor shape of the radiation beams. The risk to healthy tissues is therefore reduced to a minimum. This has improved survival rates for several forms of cancer, including brain, head, and neck, liver, lung, and prostate cancers.

During radiation treatment, a tumor or implanted markers may be followed with the use of imaging technology and a computer. Therapy of this kind is used to treat malignancies in mobile parts of the body. Lung, liver, pancreatic, and prostate cancers, as well as tumors in close proximity to other vital structures, fall into this category.

Another type of this therapy is the multiple radiation beams that are focused on the tumor using intensity modulated radiation treatment (IMRT). Expert planning software helps our staff reduce radiation exposure to healthy tissue around the treatment area. When the tumor is located in close proximity to healthy organs, this kind of radiation is often employed.

During VMAT, a number of radiation beams of varying strengths are used. The therapy equipment revolves to provide radiation from all directions. This maximizes the radiation dosage to the tumor while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue. Prostate cancer, liver cancer, and pancreatic cancer are just a few of the many solid tumors that may be treated with VMAT.

During internal Radiation therapy in Pune by Dr.Sumit Shah, a radioactive source is placed inside the body or in close proximity to the affected area. Some of the qualified Radiation oncologist in Pune specialist Dr. Sumit Shah evaluates each patient’s imaging data, pathology reports, and clinical history to design the most effective radiation therapy plan. It is essential to explore the various types of radiation therapy and your choices for radiation therapy with your doctor before beginning treatment since each treatment plan is unique.

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