How Does Alcohol Cause Stomach Cancer?

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Today, the regular habit of drinking ignites the risk factors of Stomach cancer among people. A study on five lakh adults in Europe claims people who are habituated to heavy drinking develop stomach cancer very soon. So, the people, who take 4 to 5 drinks per day, invite stomach cancer.

How does Heavy-drinking affect the Stomach?

Have a look at how stomach cancer can develop terribly:

Due to the high alcohol consumption, acid increases in the stomach. And it invites severe conditions stomach, including

  • Gastritis
  • Ulcers
  • Reflux

As an initial symptom of severe stomach problems, you will experience loss of appetite, vomiting, and extreme sickness. As well as, due to inflammation, your stomach can not absorb any nutrients from daily food.

  • Symptoms of Alcoholic Gastritis

Alcohol leads to irritation of the stomach lining, and it triggers severe indigestion. And you can feel acute pain in your stomach. After taking meals, you will feel constant pain between the ribs and the navel area. You can experience internal bleeding in the stomach due to severe damage to the stomach lining. In this condition, doctors recommend quitting alcohol drinking.

  • How Gastritis Causes Stomach Ulcers?

The impact of severe irritation in the stomach lining leads to stomach ulcers. A high amount of acid accumulation in the stomach due to alcohol consumption causes a sore tummy. The painful inflammation leads to infection in the duodenum. Patients with duodenum ulcers have to go through vomiting and experience blood with stool.

How Does Cancer develop In Advanced Stage of Stomach Ulcers?

Both vomiting and blood with stool lead ulcer patients to the Oesophageal varices. The practice of heavy drinking invites symptoms of cirrhosis. And it makes stomach veins enlarged during bleeding. If the stomach ulcer patients ignore their health conditions and do not stop alcohol consumption, they suffer from Oesophageal varices. In this stage, the actual state of the stomach becomes terrible and leads to stomach cancer.


All these details prove alcohol causes stomach cancer. While heavy drinkers experience sore stomachs, they should go for immediate treatment. The doctors of Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Pune, claim negligence and consumption of alcohol regularly invites stomach cancer.

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