Immunotherapy Treatment for Cancer- A Brief Guide

Best Immunotherapy Treatment in Pune

Immunotherapy or biological therapy is a promising and evolving cancer treatment that stimulates your immune system. Some immunotherapy drugs consist of checkpoint inhibitors and CAR T-cell therapy. These treatments fuel the production of your body’s cancer-fighting cells and help the healthy cells to attack and identify cancer cells. It further engages your immune system to fight cancer.

Why does one need Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy has proven to be an effective treatment for cancer. It is available through some clinical trials, which are monitored and controlled carefully. The treatment has side effects that range from manageable to potentially severe. Scientists can discern on which patients the treatment will work and on those for which it will not work.

It is thus helping to save the life of many patients who suffer from cancer. With time, the treatment will become more personalized and precise than the current treatments of cancer. Moreover, there will be fewer side effects.

Different kinds of Immunotherapy

  • Immune System Modulators

They enhance the immune response of your body against cancer. Some agents affect certain parts of the immune system, whereas others affect your immune system in a general manner.

  • Treatment Vaccines

Treatment vaccines work against your cancer by boosting the response of the immune system to cancer cells. They are different from those that help prevent this disease.

  • Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies are proteins for the immune system that is created in a lab designed specifically to target cancer cells. Some of the monoclonal antibodies mark the cancer cells so that they will be seen and destroyed better by your immune system. These monoclonal antibodies are a kind of immunotherapy.

  • T-cell Transfer Therapy

It is a treatment that boosts your T-cell’s natural stability to fight against cancer. Immune cells are taken from the tumor in this treatment. These are most active against your cancer. They get changed or selected in your lab to target better the cancer cells grown in large batches and put back into the body through the needle in the vein.

  • Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

These are drugs that block your immune checkpoints. It is normal for your immune system and prevents the immune response from being strong. This helps the immune cells to strongly respond to cancer.


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