Which age groups are at the highest risk for breast cancer?

Risk of breast cancer

According to Dr. Sumit Shah, Which age groups are at the highest risk for breast cancer?

A woman in 1940 had a one-in-twentieth chance of having breast cancer over her lifetime. One in eight people is a danger today. The exact cause of a woman’s breast cancer is unknown in many situations. Moreover, two-thirds of all women who get the condition have just these two things to blame. As a woman ages, she is more likely to get breast cancer. After 50, this becomes much more critical. In women over the age of 55, breast cancer is most often discovered.

 What Are the Breast Cancer Risk Factors?

Any element that raises a person’s probability of developing a disease is a “risk factor.” The risk factors for various types of cancer are unique to each individual.

There is no guarantee that someone who has a cancer risk factor or a number of them will get the disease. About 50% of breast cancer patients do not have any known risk factors while having one or more factors.

An abnormally high level of danger

Age is a risk factor for breast cancer. In the United States, nearly 80 per cent of breast cancer cases are diagnosed in women 45 and older, and around 43 per cent are diagnosed in women 65 and older. Think about it: One in 69 women between the ages of 40 and 50 are at risk for breast cancer. That risk rises to one in 43 between the ages of 50 and 60. One in 29 people in the 60-70 age range is in danger. Among women over the age of 70, one in 26 is in trouble.

Moderately increased danger

Having a first-degree family with breast cancer increases a woman’s chance of developing the illness. The risk is significantly more significant if this relative acquired breast cancer before menopause and had cancer in both breasts. One first-degree relative with breast cancer doubles the risk for women, and two first-degree relatives treble the risk. Women who have a male blood relative with breast cancer are more likely to get the illness themselves.

 Conclusion: Which age groups are at the highest risk for breast cancer?

As much as four to five times higher, a woman’s risk of breast cancer rises with each prior biopsy finding of abnormal hyperplasia or lobular carcinoma in situ. Women should approach Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Pune, for getting advanced treatment for breast cancer.

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