World Cancer Day: United, We Are The Change!

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day: United, We Are The Change! Creating awareness about an illness that kills over 8.8 million people each year is highly necessary. World Cancer Day is a great initiative that helps the world stand united and fight this disease with innovation and faith. On 4th February, several individuals come together every year to spread the word and introduce its preventions to the commoner. Cancer is a severe health issue that every person must address for good health purposes.

The primary aim of this day is to prevent the death of millions of individuals, and it is achieved by raising awareness and educating people about cancer to prevent this disease from attacking them. The awareness is not restricted to just people but also the government. We aim to spread awareness even via political campaigns for maximum success. Spreading awareness across the globe and to every individual will only assist in attaining success over the years. Further, on this day, cancer control organizations run campaigns to help people align with the awareness message.

There are multiple cancers found, and it is immensely attacking people today. Many still are unaware of the common aspects that cause the disease. And thus, failing to recognize these issues lead to severe consequences.

Contributing to this act of wellness is not difficult, and an individual sitting in any corner of the world can contribute to it. Wondering how? Know by following these steps.

  1. Create a Message

Social media presence is not rare today. So, if you are on any social media platform, you can create a simple awareness message and spread the word.

  1. Spread a Word

Not on social media? Not a worry! You can spread your word in multiple different ways. Talk to individuals or write a blog on cancer awareness to change.

  1. Participate

Become a part of any event taking place around you. ‘Together we can,’ and we will certainly achieve our aim if we work cordially.

  1. Educate yourself and others

Know and identify how you can stop the disease. Doing so will help you better communicate and inform people more perfectly.

Get involved and make a change today. Fight the disease for you, your loved ones, and the world. Together we are in it, and we shall overcome it together!

About Dr. Sumit Shah

Dr. Sumit Shah is the Founder of Prolife Cancer Centre & Research Institute which provides the most comprehensive and integrated Cancer Treatment under one roofHe is the Chief Consultant, Surgical Oncologist & Laparoscopic surgeon. He has pursued a super speciality course at the Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Res. Institute, Kolkata and being awarded as the Best Outgoing Cancer Surgeon from this Institute. Dr. Shah is one of the few Cancer Specialist in Pune who possess this recognized degree in Surgical Oncology.

Dr. Sumit Shah has treated more than 20000 cancer patients. He is one of the few cancer specialists who perform Minimal Access (keyhole) Surgery to offer his patients a smooth & pain-free recovery from Cancer.