Chemotherapy side effects


Chemotherapy is the primary treatment for cancer patients. This therapy uses highly active chemicals to destroy cancer cells that grow rapidly in the human body. Cancer cells grow faster than normal cells in the human body, and Chemotherapy is the best process to kill those cells. It is the most effective way to treat cancer. However, besides treating cancer, cancer patients will face some Chemotherapy side effects, but these can get prevented later.

Side effects 

No doubt, it is the most prevalent treatment option for cancer. But it comes with several side effects. But most of these side effects can get cured with proper treatment. Once you consult with a Chemotherapy specialist in Pune, you will come to know about these varied side effects.

Cancer patients can suffer from nausea, vomiting, Diarrhea, loss of craving, fever, and mouth sores. Apart from those above, constipation and hair loss are common side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

However, it comes with other side effects relating to heart problems, damage to the lung tissue, kidney problems, nerve damage, etc. Once cancer patients suffer from those major ailments, they need advice from experts in Chemotherapy in Pune. 

Types of cancer that chemotherapy treat

Chemotherapy is undoubtedly the best cancer treatment process and can treat a wide range of cancer. This therapy treats primary cancer that has not spread to other parts of the human body. This treatment can heal cancer patients from further deterioration.

Besides treating primary cancer, it also heals patients from Metastatic cancer that spreads to other body parts.

Factors to check before Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy experts check several factors before applying this treatment to cancer patients. The exact location of the disease, cancer stage, advanced stage or primary stage, and patient’s overall health, etc are taken into consideration while applying Chemotherapy.

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