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Myths about Ovarian Cancer- Cysts usually Develop into Cancer

Myths about Ovarian Cancer- Cysts usually Develop into Cancer | Prolife Cancer Centre Pune

Ovarian cancer is a rare disease. Many women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. However, there still exist certain misconceptions about this disease.

Because of these misconceptions, women still have a lack of awareness about this disease. When you combat these kinds of misinformation, you can create a difference when it comes to surviving and detecting the disease.

We will talk about some of the myths of ovarian cancer. This will help you to understand the different aspects of the disease.

Myths about Ovarian Cancer

1. You will not notice the symptoms at first

The ovarian cancer symptoms can appear like other sensations. However, you will notice some changes in your body, which will be a sign that you need to talk with your doctor. You may feel a sense of bloating, or you will always feel full, which will prevent you from eating too much.

Another important sign is a sense of heaviness and unusual cramping. You may feel something different when you press your abdomen. In addition, your pants may require a bigger fit.

2. Ovarian cysts are a kind of ovarian cancer

If you have an ovarian cyst, you may not necessarily suffer from ovarian cancer. It is mostly normal to have a cyst in an ovary.

Most women who ovulate have cysts which are sacs that are full of fluid. Functional cysts are benign in their nature, and they can form around your ovaries. They go away on their own.

When there is a development of ovarian cancer, it is often on the surface cells of your ovaries.

These are known as epithelial cells, where you can find most malignancies. It can even develop in cells that are in charge of forming eggs.


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