Myths Associated With Breast Self-Examination

Myths Associated With Breast Cance rSelf-Examination

Cases of women suffering from Breast cancer are increasing worldwide, and hence experts suggest women gather more information about breast cancers. Women often believe in different myths without knowing the exact causes. Hence it is necessary to get over all those myths and get the right treatment for breast cancer.

Myths Related To Breast Self-Examination

  • Myth 1

Women often think that they won’t have breast cancer if their family does not have a history of breast cancer. But this is a myth, and women need to understand the facts. Many have the misconception that breast cancer is an inherited disease. However, as per experts, only 5% to 10% of cases where women can inherit the disease.

  • Myth-2

Women feel that if they can maintain a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet, they won’t get attacked by breast cancer. Experts suggest that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can lower the chances of breast cancer, but that does not mean that you won’t get diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • Myth 3

Women feel that wearing a bra can cause cancer, but it is just a myth. To date, no such evidence is available that can prove that wearing a bra can cause cancer, according to the research done in 2014 on 1500 women with breast cancer. But, as per the report, there was no connection between breast cancer and wearing a bra.

  • Myth 4

Using underarm antiperspirants is common in women, and it has been noticed that women have a misconception that using antiperspirants can cause breast cancer. However, there is no such evidence that antiperspirants can cause breast cancer. Some studies have revealed that if women use excess aluminium products under their arms, it can affect the breast tissue.

Conclusion: Myths Associated With Breast Self-Examination

The above are some myths that most women have about breast cancer. Women can consult with the experts of Prolife Cancer Centre and Research Institute, at Pune, to get all relevant information.

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